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Friday, January 5, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2017, Aahar Winter 2018 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins

The delectable Asparagus Vadi!  A wonderful strategy for more vegetable consumption in 2018.
Did you know Garlic Naan can smile at you!?

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Baby, it is cold outside but doesn't the weather give you cabin fever!?  New York is not nearly as cold as Boston...and we lived there for many years too.  And Manhattan is just about the best place to be in the snow because all you have to do thanks to the MTA is hop on the subway and you can be anywhere you want in Manhattan within a few blocks.  Put on your boots and bring your ambition, which is abundant in New York!  We think all the electricity here is underground also and the best business owners in the spirit of American competition have their restaurants open, of course!  The spirit of America is alive and well here and the Manhattan restaurant owners are killing it to make your dinner the best part of your day.
We first featured Aahar in 2016 two months after it opened:
Aahhhh.  Aahar.  It might mean feast in Indian but they practice complete hospitality.  Yes it is cold but the show must go on-we see Law and Order right around the corner from Aahar- and the brightest people know what you want before you even speak.  The hot black spicy Indian tea absolutely hits the spot at Aahar and not only did it greet us the minute we walked in, as well as owner Prashant Bhatt, one of the smartest and hardest working restaurant owners we know, but also it was sent with us to keep us warm as we left.  That is the kind of hospitality that everyone appreciates.  Prashant happens to have a college degree in this discipline from his Indian alma mater but it is also an innate quality.  Also his wife Sonal is awesome and you can see her at Bombay, their other restaurant.
The super cute teapots are also a nice touch.
So, you should be 110% mobile in Manhattan, but your fabulous beach vacation might be ruined because you can't fly there.  If that happens to you, take a vacation to Aahar.  It is evocative of turquoise Indian flair from the napkins of this hue to the walls that are cheerful and bright.
If you love Garlic Bread, you will love the Garlic Naan at Aahar and it is one of the best in Manhattan.  Piping hot, fluffy and flavorful, this Garlic Naan we are absolutely wild for.  If you have seen the Cookie Monster eat cookies, the visual for Peachy interacting with this Garlic Naan is of similar circumstance.
We have always tried to incorporate vegetables intelligently into our meals, and during New Year's Resolution season, it is especially important.  Asparagus Vadi just hit the spot and boast a satisfying crunch.  Ms. I Do Not Like Very Many Sauces loved both the Mint Sauce, a zesty wonder, and the Tamarind sauce, fragrant and flavorful.
Meet the absolutely smashing Tandoori Grilled Vegetables!
Wonderful sections of broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, onions and garam masala will warm you up and also note that Aahar cares about not putting you on fire.  Peachy has a Connecticut palate and if something is way too spicy, you will find yourself with a fire-breathing Peachy.  Everything at Aahar is just the right amount of spicy.  The vegetables are just delicious.  And so is the Paneer!  Cheese is always our favorite vegetable.
If you don't think spinach is totally delicious, clearly you don't know Prashant and Aahar yet.  Another divine strategy to get in your vegetables, and even Tom Brady eats many vegetables we just read his book, is to order Palak Paneer, a vegetarian entree that is a celebration of spinach.  Warm, nutritious, and most importantly to us, delicious, this entree also incorporates a perfect ratio of chickpeas and corn. The corn has a most satisfying crunch and it also gives the dish color.
Of course if you order an entree they bring you rice to go with it. Lesser venues might make you order the rice separately but of course you would like a rice base for all the entrees.
The pictures do not lie.  It does really look this fabulous!
The seafood entree we chose was the Shrimp Karawari, and it is a smashing choice.  We have had the Lobster Malwani before and we really love that too.  These delectable little shrimps are going to warm you up and sing a song of summer in your stomach with their elevated spices of Tamarind, fennel seeds and black peppercorn.  The flavor is just phenomenal and if you are just used to your so-so neighborhood Indian spot, you should know Aahar is a step above and superior overall and one of our favorite Indian restaurants.  
Peachy always orders Chicken Tikka Masala because she is super American and truthfully has only successfully eaten Indian food in the last few years.  We certainly have met the right people in the past few years because she never liked Indian food many years ago.  It is all about the RIGHT Indian food, just like anything else.  This time, Peachy became adventurous and opted for this, Chicken Chetinad.  The medium spice level will make you feel alive and kicking without being either bored or on fire, and each of those respective extremes are to be avoided.  Aahar's triumphant choices of coconut, fenugreek and tomato embellishes the generous chunks of chicken that will make your day, especially in the chillier times.  This is the epitome of hearty.
And the firework spectacular is Chicken Biryani!  We love this dish so much at Aahar that Peachy dreams about it.  You cannot pass go and collect $200 without trying this.  Only after we had it here for the first time did we start going out of our way to order it anywhere.   It is high time you get out of your hibernation mode and treat your stomach to one of our favorite vacation destinations: Aahar at 10 Murray Street downtown!

Aahar continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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