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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

#ChampagneWishes #WhomYouKnow #Bluewinelovers BLU PERFER Chardonnay and BLUE BRUT Sparkling Wine Recommended by Whom You Know, and Perfect to Toast the #SuperBlueBloodMoon with Today!

Perhaps this is what you should be drinking this afternoon for lunch...and the only thing that's more fun than bubbles are blue bubbles!  It has health benefits like antioxidants and more...stay tuned below.
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW.
It's all about whom you know; someone we know and love told us about this new blue wine, so we had to see what we thought.  It's delicious, celebratory and perfect today to toast the #SuperBlueBloodMoon!  The celebration possibilities are endless as blue is such a popular color, and for patriotic reasons this paired with anything red is a total hit.
This is the first time we have ever featured blue wine.
 This brand was originally formed in Spain in December 2015 and landed in the USA in April 
2017.  Both the wine and the sparkling wine are available in 750mL bottles.
Even the cork is blue.
Whom You Know was told by brand owner Manuel Martinez: 
"We create a delicious selection of blue wines inspired by 
the modernity and tradition present in the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture.  
While embracing the value of traditional wines, we offer a classic product in an 
evolutionary format that appeals to the senses of today’s curious wine lovers."
We know inquiring minds want to know: How does Blue Wine become Blue?

Here's how we are told:
These Blue Wines get this bright and elegant blue color from a natural pigment found in the 
Merlot grape skin called Anthocyanin. This natural colorant is completely harmless for 
human consumption and commonly used in many products, being a great source of 
antioxidants, having some benefits such reducing heart disease, anti inflammatory, anti 
tumor or anti diabetics effects.

Anthocyanins are phenolic compounds, found in fruits like grapes, where they confer the 
red, blue and violet colors. Anthocyanins are synthesized during veraisson and are the most 
important pigments in red and colored grapes. Their structure is made by the 
combination of an aglycon and a sugar, usually glucose. 

Anthocyanins are the most 
powerful natural antioxidants; their study has been difficult because of their s
ustainability. However, they can be stabilized by acylation, and then they may be efficiently 
stored by vacuoles. In general, their role is associated to render color in berries and for 
detoxification under light stressing conditions, so their study is important. 

concentration and anthocyanin profile varies among grape species, cultivars, maturity 
stages, seasons, environmental conditions, field practices and levels of yield. Light and 
temperature are the main environmental variables that regulate their biosynthesis where 
light stimulates it and high temperature appears to inhibit it.

And, it's a lot of fun to sip!  We will warn you-it will turn your tongue, lips and teeth blue so make sure to have your toothbrush nearby.  As you know, red wine does the same thing.
The panel voted the Blue Brut Sparkling as the favorite of the two, and no one had ever heard of blue wine before.  The creative possibilities are endless with this color and as we go into summer, this would be perfect for poolside, oceanside or patio sipping.  As we are far from summer now, you can get a similar Mediterranean feeling inside by pouring a glass.  You'll want to admire the brilliant color before you drink it.
The Blue Brut’s gorgeous color, which is all-natural and mimics perfectly the color of the Mediterranean Sea, sets the tone for an exciting evening deserving of a celebratory toast. Blue Brut has a subtly sweet, grape taste. We found it to be mildly dry, with no aftertaste to speak of. Tiny bubbles are revived with each sip, bursting gently in the mouth and on the tongue. Blue Brut is light, refreshing, and easy to drink. It's perfect for a summer time toast with friends, or on its own on a relaxing evening. 
VARIETY: Blend of the finest white grapes. 
VINTAGE: 2016 
CLIMATE: Extreme continental with long and cold winters, hot and dry summers ( with a great contrast between day and night temperatures) and short intermediate seasons.


FERMENTATION: 4h of maceration to capture all the aromatic potential. Light pressing. Fermentation at 53 °F in stainless steel tanks. After that, the blending of the varietals is strictly done by taste. Second stage fermentation takes place in pressurized tanks for carbonation and subsequent bottling.

TASTING NOTE:Intense aromas of white fruits and a subtle hint of freshly cut herbs and citrus. In the mouth, the wine is fresh, lively, sparkling, with a fine and abundant bubble. With good acidity, young and cheery.

BEST WITH: Ideal with hors d'oeuvre, salad, fish, sushi, cheese...

BLUE BRUT is an sparkling blue wine inspired by Mediterranean people culture and lifestyle, made with the finest white grapes varietals, it owes its elegant blue color to a natural pigment found in the Merlot grape skin.

VARIETY : BLU PERFER Chardonnay 2016 
BREEDING : Young wine of the year, macerated with extracts of Merlot grape skin, yielding pleasant fruity aromas. 


COLOR : Elegant blue color which make it unique. 
NOSE :Cherry, raspberry and passion fruit aromas. 
MOUTH : Fresh, soft, tasty, with its own personality 
FOOD PAIRING : It can be taken with fish, snacks, cheese, canapés, seafood, desserts... 

Unique and innovative BLUE WINE inspired by Mediterranean people lifestyle and culture. 

BLÚ PERFER is an original young blue wine made from 100% CHARDONNAY grapes, macerated with Merlot grape skin extract to achieve this bright and elegant blue color. 

Delight yourself in the pleasant aromas of cherry, raspberry and passion fruit. 

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