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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2010, Neary's Since 1967 51 Years and Counting Winter 2018 by the Original Owner, Jimmy Neary! Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins @microgreens

Jimmy Neary and Mary O'Connor from County Cork.  
He's 29 and she's 28.
They began their Neary's career many negative years ago when they were in the womb.
Star Pork Chops!

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There is only one Neary's in the world, and that's because there is only one JIMMY NEARY from County Sligo.  Jimmy Neary embodies everything we are looking for in a restaurant owner, aside from the fact that he is a living legend as the only original restaurant owner in town that has been going strong for fifty years and counting.  He personally takes great pride in his work and is genuinely happy to see his guests like no other.
On St. Patrick's Day, Neary's is turning 51.
It was recently part of our Top Manhattan Restaurants of 2018:
This poster commemorates the most recent documentary on Jimmy Neary, the Dream at the End of the Rainbow.
Neary's was last featured in 2016:
Neary's was first featured in 2010:
We began with the piping hot French onion soup, which warmed us up just like West End Knitwear.  It was rich, chunky and a total bastion of cheesy fabulousness.  
Neary's nails the classics like Shrimp Cocktail.  They do not change their menu, which is normally something we like to see.  You are exempt from Peachy's preference of seasonal menu changes if you have been open for fifty years with the original owner at the helm!   You will be thrilled to know that Jimmy tells us he never plans to retire which is music to our ears.   He's 87 years young and if you see him on September 14th, you need to wish him a Happy 88th Birthday!  The only thing that has changed at Neary's is that the countdown clock to five decades is no longer there because they have started their second half century. 
Five sensational shrimp come to the party, and you should know fish is delivered six days a week at Neary's.
The House salad is exactly what you would be looking for in a classic salad, and they even always ask you if you would like onions.  Yes please, we say.  They listen and put the dressing on the side which we prefer.
You're not going to find better Pork Chops in Manhattan than the Broiled Pork Chops with Apple Sauce at Neary's.  They were medium rare perfection and were not only generous in proportion but also total quality in every bite.  Jimmy has worked with Master Purveyors for fifty years, Neary's source.  You are going to fall in love with the mashed potatoes, and few do them as well as Neary's.
Pork chop glamour shots...
Peachy's personal favorite at Neary's is Shrimp Scampi, which is even better paired with broccoli.  It's flavored just right with out-of-this-world garlic goodness and a touch of spices that highlight the essence of Shrimp Scampi.  The broccoli is fresh and crisp and a balanced, classic, healthy meal is a signature of Neary's.
Finally, the ideal conclusion is the best homemade rice pudding you will ever eat (you can opt out of cinnamon if you so choose) and an Irish coffee with Jameson!  And congratulations to Jimmy Neary for the Alexander Hamilton Immigrant Award!
You know we pick Neary's and of course it is Highly Recommended!

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