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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Manhattan Brick Oven Pizza and Grill Since 1996 by Merso Radoncic Inaugural Review Our Coverage Sponsored by Cosmopolitan Dental, Official Dentist of Whom You Know #cosmopolitandental #loveyoursmile

Merso Radoncic, Owner of Manhattan Brick Oven Pizza and Grill with Pizza California
In a blizzard, you know you're not in California but you certainly can eat like it if you know the right people and places!

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It is truly an exciting day on Whom You Know when we find a new spot that excels in pizza, and we don't know what took Peachy Deegan so long to review Manhattan Brick Oven Pizza and Grill, because it hit one out of the park on their first review.  Located on Third Avenue & 67/68 in the best part of town, the Upper East Side, Manhattan Brick Oven Pizza and Grill has been thriving with owner Merso Radoncic at the helm since 1996.  A Montenegro native, Merso began working here in 1988 and this location has been a pizza place since 1968. 
Peachy Deegan angelically began with a salad.
Not all salads at pizza spots are as fresh and delicious as the one we tried here.  There are five salad choices, and we opted for the Greek Salad.  Fresh vegetables are delivered here five days a week and these are some of the freshest vegetables and best produce we have seen at a pizza place.  
Every component was individually terrific and in great proportion to one another.  They put the dressing on the side for the picky one here.
If you also went to Boston College and lived at lower dining hall, you probably also ate many chicken parm grinders downstairs and lots of Italian upstairs at Addie's.  BC had dining like a restaurant, not an institution.  This chicken parmesean dinner is evocative of Peachy's extremely happy college days in Chestnut Hill and you will find it in the House Specials area of the menu.  We count seventeen choices in this dinner entree section of the menu which outshines many pizza places in depth.  We will have to go back to try more!
Smiling Chicken Parm!
The size is generous and it serves at least two, or you can eat it twice.
Since we had never been here before, we had neutral expectations.  However, Merso set the bar high for himself next time!  It is usually the white tablecloth, ultra-sophisticated high-end menu venue owners that are traveling to Europe to see how they can enhance their menu.  Merso does this too, and suggested we try his Homemade Chicken Rolls.  This was truly incredible and we do not see other Manhattan pizza places doing this at all, nevermind as well.  It is the first menu item reviewed from here to magically disappear in Peachy's stomach.
Gorgeous layers of mozzarella encircle stunning peppers, onions, and delicious chicken cutlet in the freshest roll ever.  It comes with marinara that you dip it in, which makes it even better.
The grinder we chose was the meatball grinder.  In the course of doing this, you'd better believe that Peachy is like Goldilocks.  Sometimes the meat is not delicious.  Sometimes the bread is not fresh.  Sometimes the sauce is terrible.  Sometimes the cheese is too little.  It has to be just right for Goldilocks Peachy.
At Manhattan Brick Oven Pizza and Grill, the meatballs were decadent and 100% beef,  (and by the way the meat deliveries are five times a week just like the vegetables), the sauce was divine, the bread was fresh and the cheese was fantastic, all culminating in a just right verdict from Goldilocks Peachy.
And the pizza?
It is the best New York style pizza we have had in the last six months.
What really stood out aside from the fresh, crisp vegetables is the fact that the crust was so strong to hold them up without being too bendy, and the crust was still fresh and delicious.
If you are not in Manhattan you should know it has been extremely frigid and you know that Peachy likes vegetables on her pizza.  So, we opted for the large Pizza California.  It is not only beautiful but also amazingly delicious.  Red, yellow and green peppers punctuate the pie along with spinach, fresh mushrooms and mozzarella.
It absolutely hits the spot.  And, it is healthy.
We can't wait to see what else they are great at!
And a nice touch-they also have something PEACHY which earns them a double feature in our Peachy column.
Merso does not yet have a website...but you can reach this place at:
1159 Third Avenue, Upper East Side
212 628 1303

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