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Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2013, Patsy's @PatsysItalRest Italian Restaurant Since 1944 the ONE AND ONLY by Culinary King Sal Scognamillo and His Family Spring 2018 Our Coverage Sponsored by Fresh Origins @microgreens

Culinary King Sal Scognamillo Executive Chef and Owner of Patsy's, grandson of Patsy, Master of Manicotti, and his wife Lisa

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You probably don't need us to tell you about Patsy, because Frank Sinatra already told the world.
We're just here to remind you because Culinary King Sal DOES NOT rest upon the laurels of their storied reputation.  Sal is one of the hardest working, most dedicated, talented, smartest and nicest restaurant owners we have ever known and we look forward to going to Patsy's every single visit.  TANKED is crazy to not have done a big story on him and his fish yet so we would highly encourage that.
These pictures represent a small number of the beaucoup de stars that visit Patsy's.  It's important to note that all guests are treated equally and you will feel like a star from the moment you walk in.
Whom You Know first featured Patsy's Italian restaurant in March 2009, fewer than two months after we started:
Mimi's Pizza, which sadly has since closed, was our first food feature ever the first week we started in January of 2009 but now Patsy's is the longest running featured restaurant on
Patsy's joined Peachy's Picks in 2013:
Patsy's was last featured in the Fall of 2017:
It really is this gorgeous, and we haven't even gotten to the food yet.
We never edit the pictures.
We suggest sipping the Super Tuscan!
We had a healthy start with the Stuffed Mushrooms, enhanced by zucchini and breadcrumbs and of course, tomato sauce.  Three vegetables in one dish!  Robust and delicious, you will not find wimpy mushrooms here.  Sal is terrific at making vegetables tasty.
At Patsy's you will encounter the most elegant lentil soup in the culinary realm of Manhattan.  The flavorful smoothness will awaken your senses and will hit the spot, especially on a spring day when you're in a sweater.
There are four classic salads to choose from, and on this visit we chose the smashing Caesar Salad, which is fresh and chopped into bite-sized pieces perfectly.  You should know that the dressing is prepared with raw egg, and Peachy, who rarely likes salad dressing, absolutely approves of this salad dressing.
We love that in addition to the salad section, there is also a Fresh Vegetables section of the menu.  Meet the Escarole Monacino!
It's crunchy, authentic, well-cut and well-dressed; the splendorous vegetable flavors meld together beautifully.  Here is a closeup of the terrain, above.  Sauteed with garlic and olive oil, gaeta olives, capers, pignoli and raisins, the escarole is baked with seasoned breadcrumbs.
On planet earth, you will find the best pasta courses are at Patsy's based on the amount of times the manicotti pops up as sugarplums in Peachy's dreams alone.  However, we like to feature both white and red pasta alike.  If you are going to go the white route which we imagine is tremendously popular during the summer weather especially, you should try the Linguine White Clam Sauce.
The clams arrive in style straight from Long Island and the delicate little beauties are gorgeous and flavorful as they wonderfully waltz in olive oil, garlic and fresh herbs for a true pop of seasonal freshness.
The supreme magnificence of the Manicotti at Patsy's cannot be adequately addressed in mere words.  Eating it will be the best few minutes of your life until you eat it again, so savor it slowly.  There is no better manicotti and you have not lived until you've tried this.
We have to order it every time because Peachy is in love with it.
Also, we are checking for consistency and it is just as great every time!
Stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and Parmigiano-Reggiano served with a tomato basil sauce, this Manicotti demands your full attention and you will gladly surrender.
You'll look at the sad, empty Manicotti plate and nearly be in tears EXCEPT then you realize that the Chilean Sea Bass is next in the batting order.  Patsy's has fish deliveries six days a week which is testament to the freshness; for over thirty years they have worked with The Lobster Place and Monarch Seafood.  This Chilean Sea Bass is Marchiare: a light sauce of tomato, garlic and white wine.  Mari means Sea and Chiare means clouds in Italian.  There is nothing cloudy about the distinct knockout flavor that emanates tremendous delicacy.
Cauliflower comes to the party!
For the Chicken Parm enthusiast, Patsy's will again wow you in a big way with their classic rendition, pounded to perfection and luxuriating in mozzarella and sauce deliciously.  This is another conversation silencer as you will need to communicate directly with your plate.
For dessert, you must try the Napoleon cake, a signature smash hit of Patsy's in its many layers!  It is definitely irresistible and Peachy did try to go the healthy route with fruit also: blueberries and cream.
Do not miss their American Flag at the bar!  It flew over the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii during an anniversary remembrance in honor of the Scognamillo family.

Patsy's is highly recommended and we love it there!

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