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Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 and #BestSpanishRestaurant in #Manhattan, El Pote Espanol #ElPote #ElPoteEspanol Since 1977 by Enrique Torres and Jose Larino Spring 2018 #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan PS #BESTGAZPACHO #BEST #GAZPACHO TOO!

 We only write about you for six years straight if we really love you.
And we do love El Pote and that's Enrique with Peachy below, host with the most, and Jose was in the kitchen since he's the Executive Chef.
We sincerely look forward to every visit, and we hate to leave but we know we're going back to remind you who will treat you like family when you arrive with your favorite wine, fresh bread and a genuine smile!
El Pote is the BEST Spanish restaurant in Manhattan, and probably North America also.
El Pote was last featured in the winter this year:
 Let's get right to the point.  It might be cold and rainy today, but the temperature is rising and a few weeks ago we had about four days in a row in the 80sF (not C if you are in Europe.  Peachy is American and sees the world in F).  El Pote has the best soups year round anyway but this time of year the gazpacho is an absolute must with its true authenticity.  First of all, Enrique and Jose are both from Galicia and are likely Peachy's Black Irish cousins.   See how the word Gaelic is kind of in Galicia?! They not only are the real deal with true authenticity but also time has shown they are winners as they have been open more than four decades straight in this location.  One reason why is THEIR GAZPACHO RULES.   
 It is fresh.
It has a satisfying crunch.
It is a classic for warmer weather.
Chunks of tomato, cucumber and celery perfectly cleanses your palate before your edible Spanish extravaganza. 
 Peachy loves shrimp.  Peachy loves garlic.  So Gambas al Ajillo has her name written all over it and we will caution you if you have her level of enthusiasm you will burn your tongue so hold your horses and sip your wine while it cools off.  Yes, the food is served hot here unlike lesser trendy venues that claim Spanish/Latin food but will soon be yesterday's news.  It's served in a welcoming little pot that is also hot so do not burn yourself.  When it cools, you will be graciously intoxicated by the sweet smell of garlic enveloping the lovely little delectable shrimp.  Victory. 
 The Stuffed mushrooms this visit were better than ever and we feel like El Pote keeps getting better.  We do not feel this everywhere and some drop from our coverage that we once covered.  In addition to shrimp, Peachy also is in love with crab due to her highly intrinsic crabby nature.  We mean that in the going to beach way.  Here you meet both shrimp and crabmeat stuffing mushrooms with the most amazing filling.  After they were physically gone magically vanishing in her stomach, the little morsels danced in her dreams like sugarplums in her head before Christmas.
 They are also pretty cute.
El Pote does a perfect green salad, and we always appreciate fresh vegetables cut well with the dressing on the side for the picky one here.  It's not too big and not too small and we love the onions in it. 
 Meet Tio Pepe!!! 
You have not truly lived until you have discovered this succulent wonder of the culinary world.
Here is the extraordinary veal before:
You can almost see the competition cowering in the corner.  It's a baby cow raised on milk only and it's American Veal that below is amazingly enhanced with flavorful mushrooms and sherry from Spain, confirming its culinary beauty and completing your carnivorous dreams.
You know you want this to be your dinner.
 Peachy is totally pro-carb and she adores the yellow spanish rice and potatoes that are perfectly crisp that you must try as sides.
 Our seafood entree of choice this trip was the Camarones en Salsa Verde.  No one does Salsa Verde like El Pote and you will revel in every enticing bite of the purity in olive oil, garlic, parsley and white wine.  Having shrimp as your appetizer is great but having it as your entree is even better.  Every succulent little beauty not only set a high aesthetic precedent for its superlative taste but also emblazoned in your memory why you must return to eat it again.
 Lemon pie is an entirely refreshing way to conclude your visit!
We love El Pote and if you love authentic Spanish food, you will too.

El Pote continues to be Highly Recommended!

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