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Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, #Grifone Since 1986 by Mario Belich Spring 2018 #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

It's not who you know.
And we know Mario Belich, owner of Grifone, a Peachy's Pick since 2012. 
We take personal pride in bringing Mario and Grifone into the age of the internet and the world of dining in Manhattan in 2018, and he takes pride in bringing his guests a superlative fine dining experience with high end Italian cuisine in Manhattan that is becoming a lost art.  But it's not lost at Grifone!  With a classic modern feel, Grifone is ready to greet you with dinner excellence.  
Grifone was last featured in the Summer of 2017:
Grifone was first featured as a Peachy's Pick in 2012:
The tablecloths are perfect.
The napkins are perfect.
The silverware is perfect.
And, they know to serve water how you want it and the way Peachy always wants it is no ice (her teeth are real!  Thank you Cosmopolitan Dental!) and with lemons quartered vertically.  Believe it or not, you can't get this everywhere and this is only the start at Grifone.  When everything is right for the start the tone of the dinner is undoubtedly better.
While you luxuriate in your wine offered to you right off the bat, or beverage of your choice, you will notice all tables have a lovely welcoming plate of cheese, meats, olives, pickles and of course bruschetta and bread.
The atmosphere is beautiful, elegant and timeless.  The music is not loud and nothing is obnoxious, not even the nice people that congregate here.  Grifone attracts class.
Note that though this is a spring review it is March in May in Manhattan today.  The heat is on. A perfect day to warm up with Stracciatella: spinach and egg drop soup.  Its heartiness and exquisite flavor is going to hit the spot with excellence.  Parmesan makes it even better.
The Primavera chopped garden salad is just what you are looking for in a classic salad, and they put the dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky Peachy.  Lettuce, green beans (we would like to see more of them on menus and in salads), broccoli, carrots and mushrooms are chopped well and fresh.
The pasta courses at Grifone are among the finest you will find in Manhattan.  The red course we chose was the Rigatona alla Matriciana, and note all items are in named in Italian and of course also defined in English.  Rigatoni with BACON and onion in a tomato sauce will wow you with its fragrant aroma.  It arrives perfectly al dente, and hits the spot.  Note how many times we are using the word perfect.  We don't write about many places for six years in a row and if we used to write on you and are not today, that means Grifone is beating you.  Cheese on top obviously improves a standalone fantastic dish, above.  Below, meet the white pasta we chose: Paglia e Fieno.  Spinach and egg pasta is a unique combination that you will not find at many places anywhere and you will love the flavor and delicate execution of deliciousness.  Yes there is heavy cream, and a fabulous parmesan cheese crust on top.
We are always interested in green vegetables, and they are done well at Grifone.  We count seven vegetable sides and we chose the Scarola Affogata, above: escarole steamed in garlic olive oil and Fagiolini, below: string beans satueed in garlic olive oil.  We reveled in the simplicity that added color and nutrition to the Grifone experience.
Specials at Grifone change daily.  The two entrees we selected are on the regular menu.  Sourced from an American vendor in the Bronx, meet Vitello Gracci, above.  Marvelous veal scallopine topped with brilliant asparagus tips and grated parmigiana cheese is delightful in each bite.   It's perfectly pounded as well.  For the pescatarians like our Mover and Shaker friend in the 29 club, the grilled atlantic salmon can be accompanied by sundried tomatoes sauteed in shallots, butter, chablis and chicken stock if you say pretty please Mario.  Fish is delivered every two days here from Ocean Seafood in New Jersey.  The gorgeous color evidences the level of freshness.
Don't skip the Tiramisu, of course made on premises!
Grifone continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
*Mario is STILL working on his website...when it exists you will be the first to know!

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