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Thursday, June 14, 2018

#PeachysPicks @LeMarais_Steak @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Le Marais by Jose Meirelles Spring 2018 From owner of Les Halles, comes #NewYork #Premiere #Kosher #Steakhouse in style of fine #French #Bistro w/ #Portuguese flair of owner #ChefJose #TimesSquare

All hail the RIBEYE by Le Marais!!!
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are glad to know Jose, owner of Le Marais!
We are also glad to know this Cabernet and it is made specifically for Le Marais.
When we go to a restaurant and ask if they have their own wine, this is what we're talking about.
Le Marais sets the standard for Kosher cuisine in the world, and we have been recommending it for the longest of all of the Kosher food we have tried and liked.
Le Marais first earned a spot in Peachy's Picks in 2012.
We have reviewed restaurants since 2009, and have seen many come and go since we began.  Sometimes we write on a brand once and that should tell you something, sometimes we never write on a brand for reasons we don't share in print on this website, and sometimes we absolutely love you and can't wait to see you again; Jose and Le Marais are in this last group.
"Le Marais is about the quality of the steaks and the fries and the high level of consistency we deliver with pride," 
says Jose Meirelles.
Le Marais was opened in 1995 on 46th Street in Times Square.
We were reminded in 2014 just how phenomenal they are:
also in 2015:
and in 2016:
and in 2017:
Last year, we enthusiastically applauded their cookbook:
Le Marais is gorgeous.
Le Marais is delicious!
Meet one of the newest menu items, Chaussons aux Legumes:
That is FRENCH for empanadas, BIEN SUR!
French is the second language of Whom You Know.
These contain spinach and corn inside:
They're an attractive starter, baked just right.
Even better are the beef sliders, and everyone knows Peachy is in love with their juicy goodness.  Three of them salute your stomach with pickles and frizzled leeks, an elegant version of onion rings.  They are absolutely delicious and were sizzled to a perfect medium.  Peachy was at peace and is one with the beef sliders, and eating them is how we meditate.
If you are going for something from the sea, do not miss the Pave de Thon aux Pigments.  It is another NEW ITEM and you'll be enamored of the rare, chili-crusted tuna that teams up for a nutritious plate with baby beets, radish, watermelon and tomatillo sauce.  Look how aesthetically motivated Jose is!
It is the season of salads and few do Salad Nicoise au Thon Fais properly in New York.  Nicoise Salad is a classic in Nice and here it is topped properly with grilled fresh yellowfin tuna!  The tuna is exactly medium rare as we asked and the balsamic is even amazing.  The onions are in perfect slices, and are a fabulous touch of flavor.  Green, red and yellow cherry tomatoes add more color and nutrition to wow you.  This extravaganza exudes freshness in every crunchy bite.
Isn't this just ducky!
It is.  For another kind of salad, opt for the Salade de Confit de Canard, rare on salad menus and a star selection of Le Marais.  Frisee Salad with Duck Confit arrives in style with the duck fat on the side.  There's a gorgeous contrast between the warm duck and the chilled greens, culminating in a beautiful combination.
Obviously the main reason anyone would go to a steakhouse is the steak.
American grain-fed beef is superbly sensational in every bite and it was ideally medium rare as we asked.  Twelve ounces of carnivorous glory await you!  This is the firework of the review and you need to order this.  We applaud them for giving you both salad and french fries, and they put the dressing on the side as we asked.  Amazingly they pull off a spectacular Bernaise sauce and that is not easy when you're not using dairy.  It's not easy with dairy either!  Of course there is not dairy as Le Marais is KOSHER.  It does not matter to us what religious persuasion a restaurant is: the excellence persuasion is the only thing that matters.
Another mark of a truly great restaurant is that they are constantly trying to improve even if they are already great.  We don't go out of our way to order any old chicken at a restaurant but you should know this NEW menu item is a total winner.  Smoked Chicken Legs and Thighs are the most elegant pigpile of BBQ we have ever seen.  This is especially smashing for summer!  Collard Greens and Mashed Potato join the party and the Bourbon BBQ is to-die-for.  That bourbon makes it so stand-out.
This is our most favorite flounder in all of Manhattan!
Under Le Poissons, Filet de Fletan Saute is fish perfection.
Pan Fried Flounder Filet is generous in size, moist in every bite and super fresh and healthy especially when you consider the tomato-cucumber salsa that joins it.  Rounded out by Israeli couscous, this Flounder reminds you just how outstanding it can be compared to lesser versions at ho-hum places we won't tell you about.
A final reminder: we do not edit pictures ever.
You are either this green and fresh or you are not.
Vegetables on the side of sauteed spinach and garlic and haricot verts with shallots are fabulous sides for every meal and further confirm the innate excellence of Le Marais.
A closing of stawberries and blueberries is the epitome of refreshment and Fruits Melange is made even better with Jameson and lime sugar!  We reveled in the simplicity and look forward to seeing it again someday.
Peachy and Jose:
We love Le Marais and of course will continue to keep you in the loop of their newest achievements! Le Marais continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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