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Monday, July 9, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Spiga To Go by Luigi Corea Summer 2018 First Resurrected Restaurant in Whom You Know's History

Branzino excellence that you can get TO GO!
White tablecloth food delivered to you, killing the competition.
Chicken parm smiling at you!  You know you want it to be your dinner.  
 Is there anything better on a hot summer day than uber-refreshing Caprese di Bufala?
The Crabmeat Salad is!  They tie.  See it below: 
 Spiga to Go is the newest takeout sensation taking Manhattan, and it started earlier this year.  It is the only restaurant we have ever reviewed that has RESURRECTED!  It's restaurant Easter! Earlier this year, Spiga was featured just as soon as we heard about it:
Some Italian food is too heavy for summer, but NOT THIS ITALIAN FOOD!
Paired with Sicilian EVOO, the mozzarella comes in fresh every day from Lioni and the tomatoes were perfectly ripe.  Also perfection in this weather is the Insalata di Granchio Con Sedano Palmito E Avocado.  The crabmeat, celery, and avocado were brilliantly fresh with the hearts of palm, a favorite of Peachy's especially in this weather.
Time to be crabby, the best way possible.
 Sometimes soup in the summer is not a hit because of the heat, but this one is!  It is the Italian answer to the Spanish Gazpacho: meet Zucchini Puree, soup of the day when we visited.  We reveled in its smooth, gorgeous consistency and it was just warm when we had it.  We liked it just as much later when we had it cold. 
 Another fine beacon of salad refreshment is the Arugula Salad with Pears.  These salads are especially notable for their creativity and originality.  With a lovely drizzle of balsamic reduction, the arugula parties with pears and Tuscan pecorino cheese dancing the night away in your stomach.
 The pastas are some of the very best around, and we confirmed that the Ravioli Ricotta E Spinachi Burro E Salvia is our favorite, and also happens to be the most popular around across the board.  This is made on premises and you will also fall in love with the ricotta and spinach inside and the intoxicatingly delicious butter and sage sauce! You will not leave a drop behind if you love it as much as we do.
 Meet the newest menu addition!
Super for summer, Pesto makes a grand entrance on trenette, resulting in a perfectly al dente cheesy WOW emanating from your stomach.  The bright fresh flavor is superlative for summer.  Another Luigi original is the Penette Con Salmone, Piselli e Crema, with the salmon sourced from Canada.  Of course the salmon before being eaten, had been a big fan of NHL Peachy.
 As far as the entrees go, you would be remiss to miss the Branzino, a majesty of the menu that is new to us but not as new to the menu itself as the pesto above.  Sourced from Greece, the Branzino Con Limone E Capperi Patate E Fagliolini has earned the Spiga to Go title of most popular fish of the moment, and at first bite this result will be clearly evident to your tastebuds.  Branzino with lemon and capers join potato and string beans to elevate your takeout to pinkie-out.  Potatoes are roasted fresh every day, and the string beans, even more amazing with garlic, are an ideal companion to this and below.
 We are huge advocates of chicken parm, and this one is unique because Luigi uses no bread and no flour, making it super healthy!  No breadcrumbs either in this new modern edition!  Pure chicken breast teams up with tomato and mozzarella to accentuate both deliciousness and simplicity.  It's Sorrentina style! 
The Panna Cotta with strawberries is the firework of the night and using the finest Madagascar Vanilla, Luigi again proves with Spiga To Go that he's back and better than ever! 
Spiga To Go continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know and we can't wait to see what our pal the uber-talented Luigi Corea does next.

Now Peachy just needs the that her?

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