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Friday, July 20, 2018

#ReadThis #TastyTidbits @islandpokeuk @RylandPeters #WhomYouKnow The Island Poké Cookbook Recipes fresh from Hawaiian shores, from poke bowls to Pacific Rim fusion By James Gould-Porter

The weekend is the perfect time for most people to experiment in the kitchen, and Ryland Peters has another fun one for summer in Island Poke.  Written by an owner of a London restaurant (we have yet to visit), this creative wonder is full of both bright pictures and bright ideas that will illuminate the season and your tastebuds.  This is a beautiful lifestyle book and even if you do not follow the recipes exactly, it will provide a lot of inspiration.

We applaud the American metrics included as we do not participate in the measures that the rest of the world does, and we are proud of it.  Cups and ounces galore are translated, and if you are reading us outside of America, know that your system is listed first.  If you are in Manhattan in particular, you'll love the beach pictures that you know you will not get in person in our city.  We are jealous of the Palm trees forever.

Poke means to slice or dice in Hawaiian and the author we understand grew up in Hawaii which lends to great authenticity.  We do not know him but we have a waiting list for London restaurants to be reviewed via brand owner only.  Stay tuned.

Not only is this a brilliant edition to your kitchen, but also it is a wonderful gift to the backyard or roofdeck bbq that you will visit this season.  And, in the winter, it will add some Hawaiian sunshine into your diet.

Perfect for when the weather is 80F and above, Whom You Know recommends Island Poke cookbook and we will not translate the temperature into Celsius!

The Hawaiian people have a laid-back love of life, and Island Poké is a London restaurant committed to sharing this ethos and the authentic flavours from these shores in over 65 recipes.
Poké (pronounced Po-Keh) means to ‘slice’ or ‘dice’ in Hawaiian but it has evolved to become the Hawaiian staple of sliced raw fish served on rice with many condiments and toppings. James, the author and founder of Island Poké, became hooked on this delicacy as a child on the beach in Maui. Fast-forward a couple of decades, James sensed a gap in the market for an authentic and sustainable approach to Hawaiian cuisine. Thus, Island Poké was born − fusing the joy of real Hawaiian food, which is a delicious fusion of many cuisines including Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, South American, Pacific Rim and even Portuguese influences. The book includes recipes for popular poké dishes sold in the restaurant such as classic Spicy Ahi and Golden Beet with Chile Lime Shoyu. There are multicultural Pacific Rim inspired dishes such as Sea Bass Crudo, Teriyaki Salmon Chirashi and Baja Poke Tostadas. Famous Luau feasting recipes include Kalua Pork, Pacific Chowder and Huli Huli Chicken. Finally, a chapter showcasing tropical brunches and bakes includes Acai Bowls and zucchini and Pecan Loaf.

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