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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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Operating Partner Steve Haxi of Tuscany Steakhouse with the Bone-In 16oz Ribeye, which is what you should be eating this 4th of July!
And also the Lobster Cocktail:
Peachy's favorite Chicken Parm in all of Manhattan right now:
Right down to the water with no ice and vertically quartered lemon, Tuscany Steakhouse nails the details.  It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Steve Haxi, Operating Partner of Tuscany Steakhouse who impressed us both in the snowiest storm last winter and on a hot day this summer.
Tuscany Steakhouse was first featured on Whom You Know this spring:
They are the latest and greatest steakhouse in Manhattan, and based on our second experience, we believe they are here to stay.  First as you gratefully sip your water because you could fry an egg on the sidewalk of Manhattan right now, you will notice the classy, cool tranquility of this bastion of excellence.
We are all about trying to be more healthy right now, particularly because it is bathing suit season, and especially like salads in this weather as well.  We began with the Chef's Salad, and they put the dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky who never likes dressing on it.  The lettuce is brilliantly carved out in a bowl, highlighting the creativity going on here, and this is easy to eat.  Chopped shrimp, tomatoes, red onions, string beans, and roasted red peppers all bow to the incredible crispy Canadian bacon on top.  The delicious warm bacon spoke to us and also said it likes to read NHL Peachy like many Canadians do.  This is total elegance and everything is properly cut into small pieces for you.  
We are very into the classics across the board at Whom You Know, and the Mixed Green Salad is a perfect accompaniment to any meal here.  Ms. I Hate Most Salad Dressings even liked the lemon fresh black pepper sea salt and honey accent on the supremely fresh tomatoes and greens, along with red cabbage which adds a nice pop of color.
Sometimes when we visit a restaurant, the owner wants us to try certain things and we're happy to try.  However, they are not always right.  We don't point this out to them because we only say what we like.  Steve Haxi is right about the Baked Clams Oreganata, which are simply amazing.  They are properly seasoned and so fresh, and baked just right.  Seven stand at attention ready to become acquainted with your stomach.
Of course we've had shrimp cocktail a millions ways a billion times and Peachy has always liked it.  However, we do not remember LOBSTER COCKTAIL.
Meet this beauty, sourced from Maine.  Slavin and Sons supplies their seafood at Tuscany Steakhouse.
Its arrival was testament to the aesthetic motivation of Tuscany Steakhouse, and we would like to see more Lobster Cocktails in life.  Note this is an appetizer and it trumps a lot of other appetizers we've seen lately.  You know that if a 1.25 pound lobster is the appetizer, it is a dinner of excellence.  It was gorgeously steamed and just perfect.
The fish entree we opted for this trip was the magnificent Chilean Sea Bass, which was intoxicatingly delicious with its buttery lemon flavor.  Super fresh, the Chilean Sea Bass was seared just right on the edge with just the slightest singe.   Sauteed in meyer lemon and Pinot Grigio, this poisson is exactly what you want to eat when it feels like over 100F here in Manhattan.
Marvelous mushrooms properly sauteed are a side that you can't miss.  If you saw Phantom Thread (Daniel Day Lewis!!!) you see them sauteing mushrooms in the movie.  These at Tuscancy Steakhouse look a lot better and though we did not taste them in the movie obviously, we think these would also taste far better.  
Of course a steakhouse should excel in steak, and they do here.  This time Steve suggested the Bone-In Rib Eye, and it was juicy and totally mouth-watering.  Steak connoisseurs know that when the bone is still on it, the flavor factor is upped.  Some people meditate by doing yoga but Peachy meditates by chewing Rib Eye.  This is one of the best steaks we've had this year, and Tuscany Steakhouse sources their steak from Master Purveyors.
The 16 oz juicy wonder impressed us immensely in every bite, and this should be your dinner too.  If you are reading from far away note that both tourists and locals equally frequent this fine establishment.  We also liked the rosemary spring which adds to the festivity of eating a great steak.  It was perfectly executed at medium at 1200F, the pinnacle of temperature it should reach, as ordered and it was right the first time.  Sometimes places make it too pink and we have to send it back.  This is gigantic: it is two inches high before it is cooked and 1.25 inches afterwards.
Both the asparagus, seen with the steak, and the Broccoli are fantastic and it is a priority for us to see venues be super competitive about their vegetables too.  Both were sauteed in garlic oil and the resident garlic monster of Whom You Know loved them.
We always want to find people that get better and better and are self-motivated about it.  With restaurants, that means improving and adding to your menu with great items.  We love mac and cheese (is there anyone that doesn't!?!) and the combination of both parmesan and cheddar made this the creamiest ever with great depth of flavor.
If you haven't had the Chicken Parmesan at Tuscany Steakhouse, you have not lived.
If you have been reading for years you know that Peachy Deegan ate this dish at Lower Dining Hall at Boston College, often.
This is an ITALIAN steakhouse, and they knocked one out of the park with the Pollo Parmesan.  Two breasts are perfectly pounded together with just the right amount of sauce and cheese to make all your chicken parm dreams come true.  We were incredibly surprised at how well this was done as we have never seen a steakhouse do it so well.
Apple Strudel is the perfect conclusion to a firework of a meal, and do not miss the richness of homemade schlag, which comes with all desserts.  They also indulged Peachy's chocoholism with chocolate ice cream on it, which she wanted.
Tuscany Steakhouse impressed us even more again and we look forward to seeing what they do next.

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