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Thursday, September 6, 2018

#PeachysPicks #Manhattan #TerrificTakeout #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow @ManhattanPeachyA Peachy's Pick Since 2013, Patsy's @PatsysItalRest Italian Restaurant Since 1944 the ONE AND ONLY by Culinary King Sal Scognamillo and His Family Summer 2018 Longest Running Featured Restaurant on

The manicotti that floats like sugarplums through Peachy's head constantly!
Best in the world!
Striped Bass Marechiare
 Culinary King Sal Scognamillo and his son Joe
 It's nice to know that everyone that is anyone dines at Patsy's, world-renowned for being Frank Sinatra's favorite restaurant and evidenced by the illustrious walls lit by the gorgeous chandelier, but it's even NICER to know that when you walk in the door, the person that Sal and Patsy's cares about is YOU, whether your picture is on the wall or not.
It is one of our favorites.

Whom You Know first featured Patsy's Italian restaurant in March 2009, fewer than two months after we started:
Mimi's Pizza, which sadly has since closed, was our first food feature ever the first week we started in January of 2009 but now Patsy's is the longest running featured restaurant on
Patsy's joined Peachy's Picks in 2013:
Patsy's was last featured this past spring:
 Right from the start, Patsy's has a warm welcome with the convincing Asparagus Wraps.  Majestic stalks of asparagus perch upon a red bed of tomato magnificence that is beautifully hearty and even better considering the mozzarella cheesy goodness.  Ricotta and Parmigino-Reggiano also contribute to up the cheese factor wonderfully, and if the manicotti here floats like sugarplums in your head you will recognize the winning cheese combination.  Wrapped in Prosciutto, these byzantine asparagus evidence that they are the last word in sophistication.  Do not miss the Super Tuscan which pairs perfectly with everything on this menu and is absolutely one of our most favorite wines in all of Manhattan.
 We always love salads, and we like them even more in the summer.  There are four salad choices at Patsy's and they especially excel at the Chopped Salad.  Say yes please to the fresh pepper, and note if you don't believe you love anchovies, note you will love THESE anchovies.  A kaleidioscope of color and nutrition, this chopped salad announces pristine precision in its perfect cuts (this is how it is done, most of the world that does not get it this accurate!) and elements of the perfect crunch await you.
 Words cannot approach justice testifying to the exact amount of excellence in this delicious dish that is unequaled. Better manicotti does not exist.  St. Peter probably has these at the gate of heaven as well, but you can have them on West 56th Street which is by the way the ONE AND ONLY LOCATION OF PATSY'S.  Stuffed with the hat trick cheese combination of mozzarella, ricotta and Parmigiano-Reggiano, the manicotti smiles at you in its pure perfection because it knows it is exactly that delicious.  Order a second order to take home because you will miss it.  Of course the chunky red sauce in all its tomato splendors is incredible.
 Sal did something special for us for the white pasta: Tortellini Alfredo!  Pillows of meat-filled perfection dance in sumptuous sophistication culminating in pasta decadence.  The meat is sourced from Raffetto.  You can also order this Bolognese as the menu indicates, however, we show you one red and one white.  Peachy must have the manicotti as she dreams about it all the time.  No one else's comes even close to Sal's, which is one more reason why he is a Culinary King.
 Striped Bass Marechiare brightens up your night with brio in both its freshness and flavor, invigorating your tastebuds with its delectable light sauce of garlic, tomato and white wine.  The spice combination is masterful in its ratio and allocation; garlic oil, oregano and parsley punctuate this poisson.  We love love love seafood especially in summer, and loved this dish. 
 Cauliflower successfully join the poisson party.  We are always into more vegetables.
 The Chicken Milanese special is perfect for a summer dinner, and we always feature both a meat and a fish entree.  Crispy breaded chicken cutlet is gorgeously topped by fresh arugula and lovely diced tomatoes, upping the refreshment and the nutrition.  We reveled in its pure simplicity. 
 We are counting down the days until 2019, because it is the 75th Anniversary of Patsy's!  Patsy's still has the dessert cart, which is becoming quite a rarity in Manhattan fine dining.  Though we tried this summer to be super healthy and ordered a lot of salads, in this case Sal insisted one salad and three desserts.  You can have that kind of sway if you earn Culinary King status.  From the Chocolate Mousse Cake in all its richness topped by amazing shavings of dark chocolate to the Carrata below, a lovely chocolate chip sponge cake highlighted with roasted almonds, Patsy's again proves no one does dessert better. 
 However, despite Peachy's huge chocoholic tendencies which she will never rehabilitate, she must declare that the Napoleon cake at Patsy's remains her favorite in its creamy glory. 
Patsy's is highly recommended and we love it there!

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