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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

#AmazingAccessories #FantasticFallFashion #FashionAlert #MoverandShaker @emiliocavallini #ItalyPeachy #WhomYouKnow Mover and Shaker Emilio Cavallini Creates Style 9311.1.2 Spiral Lace Tights Highly Recommended by Whom You Know and Just What Your Legs Need for Fall!

Sure, it might be pushing 80F in Manhattan right now, but you know chilly days are just around the corner.  We heard Mover and Shaker Lonnie Quinn say that in a few days, on Sunday it will be much cooler.  As your summer tan starts to fade, your legs will be screaming for Emilio Cavallini's hot new line for Fall 2018, and we've found the best styles designed and manufactured in Florence, Italy!
84% POLYAMIDE - 16% ELASTANE 50 DEN - Spiral Lace Tights
This hot number is sophisticated and sexy, and will generate beaucoup de compliments from strangers as you walk down Fifth Avenue, or wherever you walk.  It achieves a lovely balance of polished professionalism with an artistic diagonal sexy that transitions from day to night flawlessly, as you go out after a long day at the office.
We have worked with this brand for many years, and can assure you that NO ONE makes better legwear in the world.

“When I started my company (Stilnovo SpA) in 1970, I was intrigued by the idea of pulling hosiery out of anonymity, of transforming it into a ‘garment’ unto itself,” says Cavallini. The designer adds, “Miniskirts expose so much of the leg that tights are an integral part of any outfit. Let’s face it, the leg makes up more than 30 percent of a head-to-toe look.”

Made in Italy…
All Emilio Cavallini products are MADE IN ITALY, produced by expert Italian craftsmen and a huge staff that prides itself on excellence in every step of production, delivery and service. All production processes (knitting, dying, ironing, printing, packaging) take place in the Stilnovo factory located in San Miniato (near Florence, Italy). , which has just undergone major renovations, including a new showroom space designed to present the product.

The Cavallini look…

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