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Monday, September 3, 2018

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan #KingsCarriageHouse Since 1994 #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan @ManhattanPeachy A Peachy's Pick Since 2011, Kings' Carriage House by Elizabeth King and Paul Farrell Summer 2018

Grilled Filet of Wild Salmon
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we most definitely know Kings' Carriage House.  It's the best-kept secret in the Manhattan world of fine dining, and we're proud to have been spilling the beans on them for the eighth straight year.  They are so classy they don't even need to have a loud sign outside.  Everyone that is anyone knows they are there.
After Neary's in 2010, Kings' Carriage House owns bragging rights next to have been the second oldest recommended venue by us continuously.  It is no accident they both are Irish; the Irish excel in hospitality.
It is pure brilliance from the moment you sit down to your perfect setting from the table in front of you to the absolutely breathtaking decor.  It is actually exactly this gorgeous and no, we did not edit the pictures.
 While we wait for our dinner, we converse with the animals.
 The service is stellar and that is understood in any review; if we are writing on you, of course the service is up to snuff.  A fresh roll greets you with a perfect sphere of butter presented in a lovely silver dish.
 Kings' Carriage House changes their menu every day, and there is a three-course Prix Fixe.  We began with the astoundingly fresh Chopped Salad of Endive and Watercress, the ultimate in salad sophistication, and well-chopped as indicated.  Opt for the fresh black pepper on top we'd encourage you, and enjoy the beautiful, refreshing arrangement.  Also, do drink the laudable Bordeaux.
 Our favorite entree this visit was the Grilled Filet of Wild Salmon with Pistachio Nut Crust, sourced from Capricorn the fish vendor.  Fresh fish is delivered daily.  An enticing mango papaya salsa brightens this and it is further anchored by quinoa pilaf.  We normally are not quinoa fans, but we are fans of PAUL FARRELL's quinoa.  Altogether this is a symphony of complimentary flavors that meld together wonderfully.  
 Carnivores, rejoice!  The party has started.  Grilled Prime Aged Filet Mignon melts in your mouth, sourced from London Meats, their butcher for forty years.  Medium rare as ordered, this Filet luxuriates in red wine jus and is accompanied by a satisfying artichoke risotto cake with a lovely crunch on the outside.  The juiciness of the filet is commendable and you'll remember eating this.  It is also highly consistent in its excellence.
 You can count on the coffee being terrific, and the dark belgian truffle cake is what you want for dessert, calling all chocoholics!  Joined by a twin raspberry and ginger creme anglaise at an artful diagonal presentation, this is the ideal conclusion to the bastion of excellence phenomenally well-executed by the King of Kings' Carriage House, Paul Farrell.
Be there this summer! 

 Kings' Carriage House continues to be Highly Recommended! 

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