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Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Peachy's Pick Since 2014, @PanameNYC #Paname by Bernard Ros #BernardRos Fall 2018 Still the #Best #CaesarSalad in #Manhattan Says @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #PeachysPicks #WhomYouKnow

Beef Bourguignon to die for!
 Did you know you can go to Paris and not leave Manhattan?
It's not who you  know, it's Whom You Know and it is also Que Vous Connaissez!
There's even an Eiffel Tower at Paname, which has a name that means Paris. 
 They are getting ready for Christmas!
 Immediately once you are seated, you'll note fresh flowers and fresh bread.
The butter presentation on a stone is highly original and festive!
A porcini mushroom amuse-bouche was presented to us to begin. 
 Paname was first featured in 2014 when it joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks:
 One of the best parts of the cold weather in New York is enjoying the French Onion Soup at Paname.  The pictures hardly can do it justice: you need to march yourself pronto to Second Avenue at 57/58 to enjoy the spectacular vidalia sweet onions basking in swiss and greyere.  Every soul watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in person would have killed for this during the parade especially.
It is exactly this fabulous in person close up:
 We never edit pictures.
You might think that all Caesar Salads are the same, but you'd be wrong.
Paname's is the best.
If we lived on this block we would go here every day just for the Caesar Salad Maison with Parmesean Cheese, which is PHENOMENAL. 
 You can trust them with the fresh salad dressing, appropriately applied, a rarity in itself, and the crunch of both the lettuce and the croutons is amazing.
 The French excel at Pate, and Bernard Ros is no exception.  He's a native of Paris which of course adds to the authenticity of your experience at Paname.  Pate Maison aux Cornichons is spectacular consistency and flavor, and is made even better with pickles, cherry tomatoes and of course our favorite French Bread.
 Oooh la la, that's Mademoiselle Peachy getting to work: 
That's Anna Nesteruk, a fantastic dedicated Paname hostess, carrying the equally fantastic Escargots, which are absolutely not to miss. 
From every angle and in particular, close up, these succulent little snails are cutely burrowed in baby potatoes and luxuriate in garlic butter.  This signature dish of Paname is one of the best on the menu and one of the best escargot dishes in all of Manhattan.  We love it and we check for consistency. 
 Paname has a laudable selection of entrees; the Penne with Shrimp is superlatively comforting on a chilly day especially.  Boasting perfectly al dente pasta and delicious little shrimp, this pasta is the envy of competiting Italian venues as well as French.  The sauce is purely heaven and you must taste its light welcoming flavor. 
 The next gorgeous hot number was the Cod Fish.  As you can tell, even Cod Fish is extraordinary at Paname and it is beautiful.  That's a black bean crepe on top.  Have you ever seen a black bean crepe!?!  You see it at Paname.
 Eat it because it's beautiful.
This Cod Fish pays homage to the South of France and Nice in particular as it is Cod Fish a la Nicoise.  Perched upon a Mashed Potato Paillasson and Fresh Tomato Fondant, the Cod reigns  over flavors that meld together wonderfully.
Drum roll please, as the next was our favorite of the night. 
 Beef Bourguignon is the best we've had in Manhattan, and it hits the spot like no other.  Aesthetically motivated, this beef is a majesty in red wine with carrots, broccoli and mushrooms.  Definitely order a glass of Bordeaux or Cabernet to go with it.  The hearty sensation will make you want to go back again and again for more on chilly days especially. 
 The final savory hit we reveled in was the Oven-Roasted Duck au Quatres Epices, Quinoa and Pulpe de Manuge.  Beautifully crisp, the duck was succulently supreme with signature Paname style and joined by lovely vegetables.  An apple tarte with pear sorbet was the exquisite finale of Paname.
Paname continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Bernard and Peachy

We even saw Didier of La Sirene hanging out with Bernard!
We also recommend that venue.

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