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Monday, November 5, 2018

#TerrificTakeout @ManhattanPeachy #WhomYouKnow #SamsPlace #MassimoBolloni Sam's Place by Massimo Bolloni Since 1984 Fall 2018

Veal Forestiere
Owner and Founder of Sam's Place, Massimo Bolloni, a native of Rome who came to America in 1978.  We love his American Flag pin from the Secret Service!
Play it again, Sam!
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Sam's Place.
We're pleased to tell you about our second visit; we visited earlier this year for the first time:
Sam's Place is a lovely, quaint Italian venue with smashing dishes of quality that is one of the newest to impress us.  Everything is spotless and pristine when you arrive.
We visited during the World Series and couldn't help but notice their subtle enthusiasm on the shelf when we walked up the stairs.  Their wine is just as outstanding as the food we've tried so far and we sipped on a Cabernet suggested by Massimo.
As we are close to Election Day you will be interested to know this is a favorite spot of Peter King, Representative from Long Island, and US Senator Al D'Amato of New York (in office 1981-99), so we look forward to meeting them there sometime!
We began with a classic: Calamari Marinara.  Beautifully presented, the fragrant sensation will immediately wow you.  Hearty, robust and brilliant with a dusting of black pepper which sets off the calamari flavor beautifully, it is equally delicious and attractive.
The Stracciatella at Sam's Place is the best we've had in 2018.
We loved it.
With generous tufts of spinach that luxuriate in the egg drop soup, this warm winner is a bastion of comforting classic elegance on a chilly fall day in New York.  Note the spinach is well-chopped and will not overwhelm your spoon.  They are detail-oriented here!
The green salad we opted for was the Insalata Tre Colori: Endive, Arugula and Radicchio.  The vivid colors indicate the total freshness employed by Sam's Place, and they thoughtfully put the dressing on the side as requested.
The pastas were good this time, but we liked our selections better the previous visit.  For our red pasta, we chose the ravioli in tomato sauce and we suggest you also add cheese when asked!  The sauce is fabulous and two ravioli arrived.  Tortellini alla Panna is featured below, and again definitely add cheese because it enhances it even more.  The meat-filled pasta with cream and Parmesean cheese will warm you up on a gray day like today.
The entree of Veal Forestiere, which literally translates to "of the forest", was our favorite edible of the night!  It is entirely majestic and a fall masterpiece not to miss.  The classic embodiment of Italian excellence, this top veal will have you revel in its gorgeous elegant flavor elevated by sophisticated carrots, green beans, mushrooms, tomato and more.  You have to try this before the season ends!
Equally laudable is the fish of the day when we visited Massimo: Wild Salmon.
Sourced from Consana, Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, the Wild Salmon with Dijon Mustard Sauce was not overdone or underdone like inferior salmon dishes of Manhattan that we don't tell you about, it was grilled perfectly.
Don't miss the masterful tiramisu made on premises and cappuccino on your way out!
They are a heavenly combination.

We cannot wait to see what Sam's Place does next and we have been impressed again.

Massimo we are looking for you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram...

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