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Monday, December 10, 2018

#PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2018, Dianne and Elisabeth #DianneandElisabeth Fall 2018 by Charlie Marshall #CharlieMarshall

 It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas not only on Peachy's head but also at our favorite restaurants, like Dianne and Elisabeth, named after the mothers of the owners.
Dianne and Elisabeth earned their inaugural feature in September 2016:
It joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks earlier this year:
 and it was most recently featured this past summer:
 Unlike other restaurants we review, at both of Charlie's you need to specifically order bread.  It is not brought to you; to that end you definitely need to order it!  At Dianne and Elisabeth you'll discover fabulous oven-roasted French bread complete with garlic herb butter.  It is a total must and Santa will prefer it over cookies any day.  Next in the batting order is a new hot number on the menu: Caprese Pesto.
First, let's gaze at its beauty right down to its plate, an antique made in America: 
 The amazing fresh flavors are accentuated by the fresh mozzarella which is ridiculously creamy!  It is laudable that Charlie can source so many fresh vegetables locally this time of year but we can assure you, he is determined to capitalize on local ingredients, central to his philosophy.  Local hydroponic tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, sea salt and balsamic reduction all revel around the sacred mozzarella.  It is a fantastic song of summer!
It was our favorite edible of the night.  It is oh so fresh and inviting.  You are nicer than Peachy if you share yours.  Make your companions order their own!  You are going to want to eat the entire plate immediately it is that outstanding.
 Now this salad is hard to BEAT because it's by Charlie's mom herself.  
We hold salads in high regard, and this is incredible from both a taste and nutritional standpoint.  A touch of blue cheese dots the top, but what we really liked were the beet, apple and fennel all joined by caraway, and red wine honey vinaigrette.  This is on the short list of salads to order dressed.  Equally convincing is the creative Delicata Squash Tempura salad, which puts the right kick in your holiday season with its five spices.  With fried squash circles (no those are not onion rings!) toasted almonds, radicchio, endive and arugula, this is further highlighted by oyster and fish sauce. 
We've been working with Charlie consistently since he opened The Marshal, and we must say he is among the most competitive for having unique, delicious vegetables.  You won't find run-of-the-mill here!  From the roasted local broccoli, joined by hazelnuts, lemon and evoo to the Harissa roasted baby rainbow carrots that you'll meet luxuriating in toasted caraway cream, you'll be entirely delighted with the fresh accompaniments.
 For our poisson entree, we chose the Icelandic Cod in parchment which is totally spectacular.  Especially during the holidays it is fun to unwrap your dinner like a present.  Oven-poached in parchment, this Cod is moist and arrives in style with julienned vegetables, white wine, rose petal, sumac and sesame seed butter.  As you can see, there is nothing ordinary about Charlie's work which is why we've worked with him for so long!  Some places come and go but Charlie only gets better with time, like a fine wine.  If you are a Peachy Deegan, you are likely to drink strong red Italian wine in your free time so note that medium bodied wines here might taste light to you.  We find the Cabernet a winner consistently here, and note they have quite an extensive wine list as originally this was a wine bar but now it is a full blown restaurant. 
 Burger venues, eat your heart out.
Organic beef sliders make eating beef good for you in our book!  They are new on the menu and it was difficult to bypass the Steak Bavette to go for these, but it was a great idea.  Farm ground beef, caramelized lemon onions with matching lemon garlic thyme aioli and cheese sauce de bleu make these a juicy double sensation as two arrive to meet you.  You must eat it with Shallot Potato fries created with sea salt and with lemon garlic aioli and homemade ketchup.  It is an elevated extraordinary experience.
 From a distance or close up, it is clear that the Bay Scallop Pasta is still the entree that rules the menu.
 Succulent little seared bay scallops dance among the saffron malloreddus pasta in decadent lobster cream sauce and parmesean, a favorite of Charlie's also known as farmesean on his menu because of his farm-to-table philosophy.  We could eat this every day and not get tired of it, and it especially hits the spot on a cold day after a lot of holiday shopping. You should probably leave this for Santa too if you want great presents.
Your visit is not complete without including the Homemade Chocolate Fudge!
Martha's Vineyard Sea Salt, Candied Valencia Orange Peel, Local Bee Pollen and Toasted Hazelnut mark Charlie's signature on dessert.
Dianne and Elisabeth continue to be Highly Recommended.
644 10th Avenue (between 45th and 46th Street)
New York, NY 10036

(917) 472-7808

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