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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

#FashionAlert @ManhattanPeachy #WhomYouKnow #VeganFashionWeek #EmmanuelleRienda Highly Anticipated Vegan Fashion Week Announces Its Grand Debut in Los Angeles Fashion meets activism in four-day experiential tribute to animalsOur Coverage Sponsored by Hallak Cleaners the Couture Cleaner @hallakcleaners

We love @hiraeth.collective, this is the luxury vegan label founded by actress Rooney Mara with partners Sara Schloat and Chrys Wong. The brand was created to serve a new generation of conscious women who value quality and design but do not want to compromise on their ethical beliefs. Hiraeth also prioritizes transparency of their production, sharing photos of their Los Angeles factory on Instagram and vowing to keep things domestically produced, even as they grow.

Come discover the best of #veganfashion at @cmcdtla on Feb 2-3. Link in bio 🖤

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Vegan Fashion Week, a historic event dedicated to elevating ethical fashion globally, will be making its grand debut in Los Angeles beginning February 1, 2019. Produced and curated by French creative director and animal rights advocate, Emmanuelle Rienda, Vegan Fashion Week will be a tribute to the animals and an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms.

This unprecedented four-day event will launch with an exclusive opening soirée and tribute at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, bringing fashion and activism together with a deeply conscious twist. In conjunction with the Los Angeles Night of Ideas, the Museum of Natural History will activate its galleries, diorama halls, theater and public spaces throughout the museum. Highlights of the event will include a talk by climate scientist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Robert Lempert, a vegan fashion runway showcasing vegan designers, a vegan capsule of high-end designer pieces, and a timeline displaying the evolution of vegan fashion and the brands committed to embracing cruelty-free practices. This year’s theme will be “Facing Our Time” and will explore the challenges faced around ecological and climate change through the lenses of science, nature, and art.

“I want to ignite conversations and debates within the industry by educating, elevating and drawing connections between our most important values; our respect for human life, animal rights, and the environment,” says Vegan Fashion Week creator Emmanuelle Rienda.

Following the night of the launch, guests will have the opportunity to travel to the LA Fashion District between February 2 - February 3 to experience a vegan world at the California Market Center, with a curated selection of animal-free designer pieces and a vegan lounge offering cruelty-free fashion, beauty, and culinary vegan innovations sourced globally from various countries. Brands, organizations, and attendees will have the opportunity to connect with conscious and like-minded individuals through activations, experiential exhibitions, and a conference featuring intellectual panels discussing the most critical issues in the fashion industry and the existing alternatives. Themes that will be explored include animal rights, social justice, circularity, technology and intersectionality.

After receiving acclaim for multiple events during LA Fashion Week, Emmanuelle Rienda, with the support of PETA and Fashion Revolution, released the first edition of the Future of Fashion conferences through her Los Angeles-based creative agency LE FRENCHLAB, centered around ethical and smart fashion. This not only ignited Rienda’s passion to change the future of fashion on a grander scale but earned her the recognition and praise of the French Consulate. “Fashion has always been an essential part of France's cultural life and society, and French designers are recognized worldwide for their skills and artistry in the domains of haute-couture and prêt-à-porter,” says Director of the Cultural Services of the French Consulate in Los Angeles Séverine Madinier. “The French Cultural Services give their best recommendation to LE FRENCHLAB and wish Emmanuelle Rienda, head of this promising agency, success in her endeavors.”

The week will close with a private fundraiser, bringing together like-minded celebrities and influencers, ethical fashion enthusiasts, and environmentalists to support vegan designers with a vegan fashion award, and the tools to help emerging and established designers to create cruelty-free alternatives. Rienda’s long term goals include opening a sanctuary to animals directly impacted by the fashion industry and to continuously educate mainstream audiences and fashion brands with a traveling fashion week and conference across the globe until vegan fashion is the standard.

To learn more about Vegan Fashion Week and to purchase tickets, visit High resolution pictures available upon request.

About Vegan Fashion Week
Vegan Fashion Week is dedicated to elevating ethical fashion globally. This four-day event is designed to empower conscious brands and humans with an elevated platform for achievement, inspiration, and discovery. A tribute to the animals and an ode to the end of animal exploitation in all forms, Vegan Fashion Week is produced and curated by French creative director and animal rights advocate, Emmanuelle Rienda and merges fashion and activism with a deeply conscious twist.

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