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Thursday, January 31, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy #Primola by #GiulianoZuliani and #SamuelMorocho A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Primola Since 1986 Winter 2019

Peachy loves the shrimp risotto!!!!!!!!
 All Hail the Organic Salmon Filet, above and the Milanese Capriciosa, below!
 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Primola, a Peachy's Pick since 2012.  We love it.  From the moment you are seated, dining perfection prevails from the atmosphere of elegance to the welcoming crudites and the smashing wine list.  The classy servers are an added bonus who meet your eye with a smile of sincerity and suggestions to impress even the most discriminating.  On top of it, Primola is one of the most highly consistent performers in every aspect of fine dining, the Manhattan world of which is constantly changing with silly trends that come and go and will never make it.  If you can make it here you can make it anywhere it is said, and if you have made it, you dine at Primola. 
Primola became a Peachy's Pick in 2012:
Primola was last featured in the Summer of 2018:
 We were immediately welcomed with a creamy burrata majestically reigning over arugula and tomatoes of red and yellow.  Note that the produce at Primola is fresh and delicious which is a laudable feat when it is in the single digits in Manhattan.  Every bite of the burrata is a bastion of rich ecstasy that will luxuriate over your tastebuds confirming that this is the best part of your day.  Until the shrimp risotto arrives, of course.  Primola picked this appetizer but we would have also picked it!  
The salad selections at Primola are tops, and the Asparagus Salad special is a unique opportunity to feast upon one of the best salads in New York.  Not everyone has an asparagus salad, but they should.  Primola crafts theirs with cherry tomatoes, hearts of palm and cannellini beans in addition to the obvious asparagus for the ultimate in freshness and taste.  Look at the classy diagonal cut.  Not everyone cuts on the diagonal.
 The next special we delighted in was the Seafood Linguine array of ocean goodness that will put the sunshine and beach in your freezing January!  If you aren't in Florida now you can at least eat like you are if you indulge in the superlative seafood options at Primola.  From the clams to the shrimp to the mussels and calamari and more, this dish is a bastion of deliciousness with just the right touch of sauce.
 The organic salmon filet at Primola cannot be beat.  It is not only of fantastic thickness but also of superlative quality and it is seared to perfection.  Set off nicely by perfectly curled zucchini and lovely carrots which up the color as well as nutrition factor in this dish, the Salmon is one of the most delicious and healthful choices you can make right now...because even if you aren't sitting on the beach today, bathing suit season is always around the corner. The Salmon is sourced from North Canada and of course we had a nice hockey conversation with it before it was delicately devoured.
If you are in the mood for something of the meat persuasion, you will be absolutely thrilled with the Milanese Capriciosa: Breaded Veal Chop with tomato mozzarella and arugula.  It is pounded perfectly and the ratio of vegetables to veal to cheese is on point of course.  From the texture to the absolutely tender taste, this is an entree you'll want to revisit again and again. 
 We loved everything we ate this visit, but personally Peachy loved the Shrimp Risotto with Radicchio the most.  It is the best comfort food we have had in Manhattan in this freezing cold, and you absolutely must try it.  It achieves the perfect balance between delicate and substantial and will fill you up deliciously.  The shrimp are seared exactly as they should be and waltz from the creamy risotto to your stomach flawlessly.   You will cry when it is over but you can go back to Primola and order it again.
 Philosophically we feel a nice red pasta on a cold winter's day cannot be beat.  We opted for the spaghetti in red sauce ideally enhanced with pancetta, onions, tomato and pecorino cheese.  The flavors melded together beautifully and we absolutely reveled in the experience.  This is the embodiment of a winter wonderland when you add cheese: 
 We suggest you close your Primola experience with the berries and tiramisu, both of which are the best in Manhattan right now. 
Primola continues to be Highly Recommended!

Giuliano is very old school and we have yet to convince him to have a website or Twitter but maybe someday!
1226 2nd Avenue # 1 New York, NY 10065 
Contact: (212) 758-1775

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