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Monday, January 14, 2019

#WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks #Steak #FiletMignon @FJohnniesNYC #FrankieandJohnnies #Steakhouse @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #TerrificTakeout #Manhattan #Restaurants A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Frankie and Johnnie's Est. 1926 46th Street Winter 2019

Yes you can even be healthy at a steakhouse:
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Peter Chimos, owner of Frankie and Johnnie's along with his family.  His smiling face has garnered over 1,188 likes on our Instagram so far, and you should know that Peter is more than just a pretty face.
 Frankie and Johnnie's has been a Peachy's Pick since 2012:
We last visited in 2017:
Not many venues are still going since 1926, but Frankie and Johnnie's is not just any venue; it is extraordinary from the atmosphere to the people to the steak!  It is now on West 46th street in the old B. Smith's place, and we've been doing this for a decade now and we first reviewed her in this same space.   We first reviewed Frankie and Johnnie's we believe at the old 45th Street location upstairs.
This location is equally beautiful and spacious.  We love going to Peter's house. 
 If you go soon you can enjoy the gorgeous Christmas decor.
It's warm and inviting right down to the toasty bread basket emanating warmth, an essential of a great dinner. 
Peter personally greets guests with sincere enthusiasm and they are just as happy to see him.
We loved this rye roll we discovered in the bread basket: 
 They also happen to be in Rye and should we start a Westchester column, you know where we're going.
 An essential component to a great dinner is a winning green salad and you will absolutely find that here.  Frankie and Johnnie's classic salad boasts fresh iceberg lettuce, onions, peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes and, drumroll please, pimentos which really pop.   We don't see anyone else doing that!  It's perfectly chopped and a good size.  Also, they listen and put the dressing on the side as we ask.  The satisfying crunch will up your dinner nutrition too.
 The Fettuccine Special is absolutely spectacular and we cannot rave enough about the shrimp and crabmeat that waltz around the pasta victoriously!  The light tomato sauce perfectly complements the components and it is heaven on a plate, by definition.  If you like the shrimp scampi here like we do you will love this as well.  It is insanely delicious.  Crabmeat is one of our favorites and the new Crabby Peachy column celebrates it.
 If you ate this every day, you would die happy.
Note we never edit pictures.  Your food either looks this fantastic, or it does not.
 Indulge in the beauty of the landscape of Frankie and Johnnie's Chicken Parm.
If you are an avid reader, you know that this is one of Peachy's most beloved foods from Boston College's lower dining hall-there was great food here-and we seek it out everywhere.  
 Here it is served with pasta, and it is entirely convincing as one of Manhattan's best renditions of this dish.  The classic linguini and the parm alike are exquisite in marinara and the mozzarella is supremely succulent.  
 Every successful steakhouse has an amazing array of side dishes, and we go crazy for green vegetables.  Haricots verte are in fact Peachy's favorite green vegetable (sorry Dr. Oz, it's not Kale) and sauteed in garlic and evoo, you will find they are perfection on a plate at Frankie and Johnnie's.  Even better than green vegetables are of course POTATOES and they have them 9 different ways at Frankie and Johnnie's.  The garlic mashed potatoes here are simply the best anywhere and we cannot praise them highly enough.  They will in a phrase make your life.
 Naturally, the star of the show at a steakhouse is the steak and of course the 12 oz Filet Mignon is a tantalizing classic that you will devour with glee.  Served with mushroom cap, the filet boasts unbelievable thickness and is perfectly seared to medium, as requested.  
 It's our firm belief that a steakhouse should be equally strong in fish, and the Broiled Salmon at Frankie and Johnnie's is as healthy and delicious as you can get!  It is the best salmon we've had anywhere in at least six months, and the flavor and freshness stand out here in a fish that is a common sight on many menus.  Some places just do it better!
 The key lime pie cannot be beat!
Frankie and Johnnie's continues to be Highly Recommended.

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