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Monday, February 4, 2019

#FashionAlert #SharpDressedMan #ORTC #WilliamSwale #CharlieHender #Australia #WhomYouKnow Highly Recommends the Stars and Stripes, Flamingo and Fish Socks by ORTC of Australia! They Make Their Debut in the USA and We Welcome Them!

Founders and Owners William Swale and Charlie Hender
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and when Peachy stumbled upon ORTC recently in New York, she was pleased as punch to discover this brand is wise beyond their years with a great mens accessories product line designed in Australia.  We inaugurate coverage with their SOCKS.  You know we are crazy about feet and have four columns on shoes...
We love being AMERICAN!
We love flamingos!  Shout out to all those in Las Vegas who love their winning Victory Flamingos in the NHL.  Sir Winston and Bark, we are talking to you!
And the swimming fish will remind us that these came from the sunny waters of Australia.
  Many to choose from!
Our Story

ortc clothing co was created in Adelaide, South Australia by us, long time friends, Charlie Hender and William Swale. 

Inspired by our Mothers' involvement in the retail industry, we decided to combine our passion for business and fashion in order to create a sophisticated and timeless brand that encapsulated our style: A brand that could be enjoyed by our Friends and our Fathers. 

Whilst our primary focus has always been to deliver affordable and high quality mens gifts and accessories, we are also extremely excited about the addition of clothing to the ortc range.
 William, Peachy and Charlie 
Happy Feet! 

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