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Friday, April 26, 2019

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Be certain to save room for dessert
Owner Dimitris Nakos and Peachy Deegan
It is impossible to not have a tremendously delicious and fun experience at Ammos!
 Mother's Day is just around the corner on Sunday May 12th, and Ammos has designed a lovely menu to celebrate the occasion.  As always, you can order from the regular menu of course as well, but they have been working overtime to craft some new smashing items that you are hearing about for the first time here! There is also a kids menu.

This is breaking Manhattan cuisine news!
First of all, everyone works too hard in Manhattan.  Everyone needs a vacation.  Well, march yourself to 52 Vanderbilt Avenue because you'll feel like you're in Santorini!
The Manhattan version of Santorini by Dimitris begins with opening a bottle of Santo Trygos, made in Santorini.  The word Trygos means fermentation in Greek.  We understand that Santo is the biggest parent company in Santorini and Dimitris tells us that 80% of the bottles produced in the island of Santorni are by this brand.
You are going to 100% love the crisp, fresh taste that sings a song of spring with brilliant understated notes of fruit embellished with Greek sunshine.
This is especially nice on a cloudy day like today where the Manhattan sunshine is nowhere to be found.
The Assyrtiko Trygos is the purest form of the varietal and boasts superior mineral qualities due to the huge volcano that happened in Santorini in 1646 BC.
The high elevation is significant because the grapes that grow there thrive in the strong winds, and it is notable that the vines grow in circular formation like baskets to protect themselves from the wind.  They grow in low to the ground so they absorb the soil, which includes minerals from the volcanic ash.  You will appreciate this history in every sip.
 Ta da!
Meet the TUNA CRUDO.
Presented with a stunning avocado mousse, this fresh fish is gorgeously embellished with soy cider vinaigrette, watercress and ginger to form the ultimate in refreshing for Mother's Day.  Note that some of these are a sneak preview for the menu-to-be at the expanded space next door which will open at the beginning of the summer this year with four new private dining rooms and a bar seating 35-40.  Ammos is just steps away from Grand Central. 
 This visit, we met Bruno the Executive Chef and Alfredo the Sous Chef.  If you meet Bruno make sure to say Oorah because he is a MARINE.  An innovative new salad they created are the ZUCCHINI NOODLES.  Creatively cut linguine style, these veggie wonders are bursting with enthusiasm to twirl around your fork.  Bathing suit season is upon us and note there is no starch: these are literally zucchini noodles.  Here, they are featured with roasted butternut squash, sundried cranberries and sundried mission fig to up the wow factor of your experience.  Light garlic lemon evoo vinaigrette lightly dances upon this nutritious feast.  Dr. Oz we believe you would like this especially.
 Everyone likes to unwrap presents, and unwrapping the Lavraki which is nested in the parchment paper is a fabulous present for everyone!  Ammos is committed to the freshest seafood and it is flown in six days a week from Greece.  For our seafood fans, you know that Lavraki is the same fish as Branzino in Italian and Luc de Mer in French; Lavraki is of course just the Greek word for the same fish that swims around Europe and dreams of ending up in your stomach.  This Lavraki is brilliantly baked in the oven with lemon potatoes, carrots, yellow squash and zucchini to form a rainbow of flavors to embellish the moist incredible fish. 
 Finally, you reach the dessert course which is a total celebration!
Baklava presents itself in over ten layers of phyllo dough with belgian dark chocolate to die for!  Walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios team up with fig ice cream to enhance this sweet delight.  Of course, this Vinsanto Trygos 2005 dessert wine of honey lemon raisins is the pinnacle of your "cheers" - but just remember to say YAMAS! 
As always, Ammos earns our Highest Recommendation.
Get excited for their beautiful expanded space this summer and the exciting cocktail relaunch of The Peachy Deegan only made with Star Vodka this fall.

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