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Monday, April 8, 2019

#ReadThis #ThinkLikeAnArtist #KoosdeWilt @koosdewilt Think Like an Artist, Don’t Act Like One By Koos de Wilt @bispublishers #BISPUBLISHERS

Our first reaction was of course, GREAT COLOR!  Hallak surely agrees. 

Koos de Wilt has an innovative philosophy and approach to art criticism in the aptly titled:
Think Like an Artist Don't Act Like One.  
75 points of masterful observation make this an essential tool that is both enlightened and fun, putting a brand new spin on some art that is quite old!  The details, the conclusion drawn between each point and the corresponding artwork, and the originality overall make this a book you must have in your collection.  It makes a great gift as well, because it is not targeted for only the art-lover: it contains some great life lessons.  As it is packed with advise, it is especially fantastic for a graduation gift and you know those are not too far away on the calendar.  

Most people will recognize a good deal of the art contained, however, the ideas that each respectively ignites in Koos de Wilt are one-of-a-kind, thoughtful, and truly entertaining.  In particular, we liked how Van Gogh kept his distance, Bronzino and show your class, Rubens and follow the money, Munch and face your fears, Hopper and everyone is alone, Klein and create your own blue and Pollock and trust the process.

One problem we have with some art books is they take themselves far too seriously and lack entertainment value to match the knowledge.  This one is fun and funny.  In particular, the dedication is pretty funny.  Even if you or the gift recipient "doesn't like museums" they WILL like this book!

We hope he does a sequel!

Think Like and Artist Don't Act Like One is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

Think Like an Artist, Don’t Act Like One invites us to take a stroll through the history of art in search of lessons for our everyday home and working lives. Written by Koos de Wilt, art historian and writer, this book presents 75 ways to look at art and 75 life lessons you can learn from it. 

Think Like an Artist, Don’t Act Like One is the third edition from the ‘Think Like a…’ series and has sold over 94.000 copies. Other editions are Think Like a Lawyer, Don’t Act Like One and Think Like a Manger, Don’t Act Like One and Think Like a Designer, Don’t Act Like One.

From the works of ancient Egypt and Greece to today’s abstract and conceptual pieces, by way of Leonardo, Dürer and Rembrandt, Picasso, Warhol and Ai Weiwei, art inspires us to take a fresh look at the fundamental questions we face. Questions about success, about love, about work, about friendship and about life and death. Leonardo da Vinci teaching us to stay curious. Rembrandt giving us lessons in honesty. Vermeer helping us to appreciate the everyday. Monet letting us live for the moment. Picasso showing us how to lie truthfully. And Warhol bringing us back to our own times. 

Koos de Wilt: “In every example I present, I try to do justice to the artist’s original intentions whilst at the same time bringing meaningful insights to your kitchen table or office boardroom. Above all, Think Like an Artist, Don’t Act Like One attempts to provide a practical introduction to art history in the form of a guide to the questions in life you can answer simply by experiencing and interrogating art.”

About the author
Koos de Wilt is writer and art historian working on the interface of culture and business. He published books like Rembrandt Inc, The Rijksmuseum Story Book, and books with subjects ranging from business, diversity, canal houses, and music conducting. He also made documentaries, for example on Vermeer and Rembrandt. 


ISBN 978 90 6369 468 5 

Author: Koos de Wilt (Concept by Buro van Ons)

Publisher: BIS Publishers 

Format: Paperback with flaps

Pages: 160 

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