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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

#ProductAlert @ManhattanPeachy Recommends #ChemindeRoses #HandCream #LothantiqueFrenchLiving #Lothantique #WhomYouKnow Chemin de Roses Hand Cream Highly Recommended by Whom You Know! A Burst of Spring Awaits You To Lift Your Spirits and Moisturize Your Hands

There is absolutely nothing worse than shaking someone's dead fish sandpaper hands at a meeting or trade show!  And in fact, we have been so uberimpressed with Lothantique French Living for so long, we knew them when we met and both attended the New York Gift Fair, which has been since renamed.

We had a great handshake with them way back then, but it is EVEN BETTER today with the superb spring scent of roses from France.  If you met Peachy Deegan at ICFF the past two days, (yes just because we are not publishing doesn't mean we are not working!) you smelled this on her hands.  Chemin de Roses hand cream is enriched with 20% organic shea butter and protects skin leaving a light fragrance of rose, making it the perfect treat for your hands!

It IS POSSIBLE to see the world through ROSE colored glasses; it is even better to concurrently feel it through your beautifully scented perfectly moisturized hands, only with Lothantique French Living!

Lothantique is a family owned company based on heritage & history built on a foundation of quality & integrity. We curate our lines and seek out quality and luxury goods from around the world. Our mission is to elevate the every day as we continue to evolve and grow in the pursuit of beauty and inspiration.

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