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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

#TuscanySteakhouse #Manhattan #Steakhouse by #SteveHaxi #TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2018, Tuscany Steakhouse Spring 2019

All hail the CHICKEN PARM best around!
Owner Steve Haxi, Peachy Deegan, the Super Tuscan and Canadian Bacon to celebrate the Stanley Cup Playoffs especially!
 In Manhattan, there are many restaurants.  In Peachy Deegan, there is only one stomach.  We carefully select new restaurants for review opportunities, and only write on some of them.
We wrote on Tuscany Steakhouse right off the bat.
They are in it to win it and they joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks late last year after multiple success visits:
And what do the best do?
They get better.
With details!  If you read the last review we said the bread basket was perfect.
We only even bother taking a picture of the bread basket if it is really something to brag about, and the bread is warmed perfectly at Tuscany Steakhouse.
Now they have the butter beautifully labeled with customization.
Customisation if you are in the UK or Ireland!Their super tuscan is smashing and our favorite: 
 This is what we mean when we say lemons vertically quartered:
If lemons are not like that, you cannot squeeze them properly.
The Canadian Bacon is the best in Manhattan, and it can be located in the appetizer section.  As they source from Master Purveyors, Tuscany Steakhouse from their steak to all their carnivorous endeavors delivers with flavor and style.  The sizzling Canadian Bacon is extra thick and is undecided about which team of the remaining four to cheer for specifically, but it knows it would be delicious to eat out of the Stanley Cup no matter who wins this year. 
 The crabmeat cocktail again scores high on quality and remains consistent on our greatness scale.  The Jumbo Lump Crab Meat is splendid as it pops on your proper seafood fork and into the superlative cocktail sauce.  Of course, as it rests upon crushed ice that adds glamour it is properly chilled and even as the weather heats up, it will remain one cool dish.
 Ta da!
Yes, that is what a proper green salad should be: meet the Mixed Greens Salad!
We applaud its freshness and simplicity of greenery, halved cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, carrots and even dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky.  The dressing is classic and you know we adore the classics: balsamic vinegar, evoo, fresh pepper, salt, garlic, mustard and lemon all in perfect proportion.  Less is more and this salad is terrific.
 Avid readers know that Peachy ordered Chicken Parm a lot at lower when she was a student at Boston College, where the food was fabulous (and so was the hockey team.)   She especially looks for great chicken parm and at the expense of every pure Italian place we review not happy with us saying this: Tuscany Steakhouse has the best chicken parm in Manhattan right now, and they are a Steakhouse!  If she was not trying new things all the time, Peachy would want to eat this constantly.  It is pounded perfectly.  The mozzarella is intensely amazing and so is the sauce.  You have not lived until you have had their Pollo Parmesean.  Sucara microgreens are on top. 
 The fish comes from Slavin and Sons, and both our tastebuds and our stomach were delighted to make the acquaintance of the pan-roasted Halibut, beautifully presented with color and flair.  Luxuriating in a fantastic shredded potato crust with lemon, white wine and capers, this smashing poisson sings a song of spring that will wow you.  Seafood is delivered three times a week. 
 Broccoli Rabe is a singular sensation and just divine with garlic and evoo.  It is a splendid nutritional companion to anything and everything you order. 
 Obviously, each and everytime we go to a steakhouse we want to eat steak!  The Dry Aged Steaks are naturally the stars of the show, and if we say something like the Pecan Pie is the best in the city - we are getting ahead of ourselves- and the Pollo Parm, we are enhancing that with the fact that these steaks rule.  The bigger steakhouses where you are treated like a number cannot compare with the kind of experience you will encounter at the superior Tuscany Steakhouse.  USDA Prime and Dried in their Signature Aging Box, The New York Sirloin Steak is presented in all its 14 ounces of magnificent majestic glory.  You hear it sizzle right in front of you. 
 You won't hear other sounds because Peachy becomes immediately quiet and in a carnivorous trance of bliss.  The steak is just as great as always.  Finally, we met Pecan Pie for the first time and it is the best in all of Manhattan, made better by the Schlag they make every day fresh at 5pm and also vanilla ice cream:  

Tuscany Steakhouse continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.  We can't wait to see what they do next!

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