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Monday, July 15, 2019

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Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, a signature selection since 2004
The newest item on the menu: Pan-Seared Sea Scallops
Paul and Peachy!
 It's not who you know, and it never has been.
It's WHOM YOU KNOW, and we know Battery Gardens Owner Paul Nicaj, above, one of the best restaurateurs in the business and master of hospitality.  We are honored it has been a Peachy's Pick since 2013 and we were thrilled to recently return; it had been far too long.  It previously was featured:
It is the only place in town where you can dine with the Statue of Liberty.   Literally.
It is at the southernmost tip of Manhattan and if you went any further south, you would be in the water.   
Alex and Mauro!
They have one of the best if not the best event spaces and 75% of their profit success is derived from catering, led by Alex Miljkovic, Director of Catering/Marketing whom we were delighted to meet.  An equal amount of events are either corporate or weddings/personal.
 There are very few venues in Manhattan at all, nevermind on just the list we highly recommend, that are as gorgeous and picturesque as Battery Gardens, and they achieve high culinary marks as well: they are more than just a pretty face.  Executive Chef Mauro Lujan was new to us although he actually started here in 2001 he tells Peachy Deegan.  He was the Sous Chef under the previous Executive Chef and Mauro hails from Mexico and came to the USA in 1999.
Everything is exactly this beautiful and as you know, pictures are never edited: 
 When you arrive at your table, you'll encounter perfection from the bread and butter to the water customized in its own bottle and particularly appreciated in 90-degree weather.  You'll meet Tarek Ahmed, one of the most jovial servers around with the best smile who genuinely takes pride in his vocation, and Toma Ivezic, who is equally exemplary.
Of course we love the Irish American sentiment at the bar: 
 We love to capitalize on the opportunity to become more crabby in an edible fashion!
Made fresh daily is the Tomato Seafood Soup, crafted with shrimp and crab meat that will wow you tremendously.  Served hot in temperature and medium spicy, this amalgamation of spiraled shrimp, crab meat, green peppers and onions make this a new summer favorite that we look forward to meeting again. 
 The appetizers are beyond fabulous.  Above, the Braised Octopus Salad dictates that they still know how to make the perfect tender octopus, sourced from Spain.  Joined by roasted fingerling potatoes, frisee and seared tomatoes, this is a burst of summer on your palate.  The quintessential classic of Chilled Jumbo Shrimp is another culinary triumph.  Five Jumbo Shrimp line up at your attention and are joined by Cocktail and Marie Rose (mayo and chili sauce) in ultimate freshness.  The family friendly atmosphere at Battery Gardens is most welcoming and not as common as you would think in Manhattan.  The tables are spacious and in terms of events, they told us they're doing an upcoming party for 1,000 indoor and outdoor.
Even the lemon has its pinkie out: 
 Of course we like fine dining, but we also like pizza.
Battery Gardens philosophically mirrors us with five pizzas we count on the menu.
Spinach and Artichoke jumped off the menu at us and from the perfectly baked crust to the terrific flavor of the baby spinach, artichoke hearts, ricotta cheese and shredded mozzarella, it is a total winner.  
 When your dinner arrives in front of you, you will think it is as beautiful as a masterpiece on the wall at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Though we love the Met, we can't eat it, so this deserves your full attention.  The Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, above, dictates that life is indeed beautiful.  We love the parallel green beens and mushroom, and of course the leader here is the Sea Bass, which is a great example of their continental Asian fusion menu.  The aroma is sensational and it's obvious why one would want to make a deal-business or personal-over a dish like this; this dish is Paul Nicaj's favorite and he suggested we try it.  This is the oldest menu item.
The newest menu item in contrast is the Pan Seared Sea Scallops, which made its debut three months ago.  It's Chef Mauro's favorite and he suggested this hot number.  A cornucopia of summer, the perfectly seared scallops are joined by chorizo, tomato salsa and sweet corn puree. 
Chef Mauro also suggested we try the Wood-Oven-Roasted Branzino, sourced from the Mediterranean.  A visual victory of a whole fish, the Branzino boasts tremendous flavor from that referenced roasting that is fabulous any time of year.  Joined by an array of heirloom carrots in brilliant color variation, this poisson gracefully rests among lemon potato and baby arugula salad to make your day.  Even you, Clint Eastwood.
The fish entree which Peachy had picked out and personally preferred is the Dover Sole Almondine, of course from Dover, England.  Its exemplification of elegance and stylish flavor dotted with almonds made this a fish you will absolutely covet.  It is most definitely the best Dover Sole we have had anywhere in 2019 and it would be a sin not to order it.
Peachy and Mauro!
Of course Cheeseburgers are popular so we had to check them out too; we loved it but we loved all of the fish more - but maybe get a cheeseburger to go so you can eat it at home during the next game you watch and remember how much you miss Battery Gardens.  The Sirloin Burger is no ordinary burger: it is majestic from the sirloin itself to the vermont cheddar cheese, maple pepper bacon and Challah Bun with Sesame Seeds-try it medium rare.  
The desserts are exemplary, as you might have imagined.
The lemon bar is an edible embodiment of the term refreshing, and best on a hot day.  Perched upon the lightest layer of graham cracker to add structure and flavor, the lemon bar is exquisitely delicate.  If you are a proud non-recovering chocoholic like Peachy, you will enjoy the Chocolate Trio, which is also shown sliced open so you can see the combination of white chocolate, dark chocolate and combination of 50/50 sweet semisweet.  Finally, if you love cheesecake, you will rejoice in the blueberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream.
Peachy Picks Battery Gardens!

Battery Gardens continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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