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Monday, July 15, 2019

#WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks #Steak #FiletMignon @FJohnniesNYC #FrankieandJohnnies #Steakhouse @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #TerrificTakeout #Manhattan #Restaurants A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Frankie and Johnnie's Est. 1926 by #PeterChimos and his family 46th Street Summer 2019

Nothing says summer like local Blue Point Oysters at Frankie and Johnnie's!
 Except maybe the Shrimp and Crabmeat in Fettuccine basking in a light tomato sauce...fantastic!
 The storied art of fine dining is alive and kicking at Frankie and Johnnies on West 46th Street, led by owner Peter Chimos, a legend in his own right here since 1977.  At the helm and owning the illustrious Frankie and Johnnie's with his family, Peter is a beacon of sunshine on the horizon of dinner, and you should know that steak is not just for colder days.  
Frankie and Johnnie's has crafted summer selections to-die-for that you absolutely must have.
 Locally sourced from the Long Island Sound, the Blue Point Oysters are fabulously fresh and are delivered every day.  Served with horseradish, fresh lemon, cocktail sauce and of course oyster crackers, they are a smashing start to your summer dinner.  Their succulence will win you over and they make your day a celebration.
Finding a honest-to-goodness normal green salad is not as easy as it once was.  Most venues totally overdo salads or go to the other extreme and make your salad 90% something which negates the purity of definition of a salad.  Frankie and Johnnie's has it JUST RIGHT with their signature F and J salad: peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes and pimentos...and obviously lettuce.  This is one rare venue that we actually trust in salad dressing application so we ordered it tossed with Italian dressing at Peter's suggestion.  Peter's taste is exquisite.  Say yes please to the sprinkle of black pepper; it goes without saying that this salad is fresh and terrific.
The wild salmon has a brilliant, crisp outside and was grilled beautifully to an ideal medium.  The flavor was superlative, evidencing its innate freshness. Go for this to be on the lighter side.
 The depth of the sides is laudable and they are not to be ignored, adding nutrition and flavor to whatever you order as a main.  The Brussels Sprouts are a triumph: perfectly halved and luxuriating in evoo and garlic.  Vegetables are delicious when you know where to order them.  The Au Gratin potatoes are a fantastic choice for summer as they have a lovely lightness to them that will brighten your palate.
This dish is one of Peachy's most favorite seafood and pasta dishes in all of Manhattan.  It is emblazoned with summer and it is most definitely prime time dinner right now, and we eat it in the winter to pretend it is summer in our stomach.  The shrimp, beautifully butterflied, and crabmeat, nice and chunky, are in perfect proportion to the fettuccine.  It all basks in a tremendous light tomato sauce that rises to the occasion with flair. 
 Pictures speak louder than words.
Make your reservation now!
Bien sur mes amies, when you go to a Steakhouse, you should have STEAK 365 days a year.  The filet mignon is just as perfect as you remember it, and perhaps you have been to Frankie and Johnnie's before as have generations before you.  We absolutely cannot wait to see what they do when they turn 100 in 2026.  The filet mignon was medium rare exactly as we ordered and joined by some marvelous mushrooms.
Of course they have their own knives and steak sauce. 
Dinner perfection in Manhattan!
 Frankie and Johnnie's continues to be Highly Recommended.
We love it here.


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