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Thursday, August 22, 2019

#AmazingAccessories #FashionAlert #MoverandShaker #EmilioCavallini @EmilioCavallini Keep Your Legs Warm While Looking Hot in #Snake #Leggings Highly Recommended by Whom You Know!

It is hot as h-e-double hockey sticks right now in Manhattan, but it is high time to prepare for when it is not.  To that end, let us remind you that the leggings market has been gaining uber popularity and Peachy Deegan has been honored to preach the gospel of Emilio Cavallini leggings the past several years from Florence to Manhattan.  Of course, her legs do all the talking.

This year, the absolute hottest animal trend in fashion around the world is SNAKE.  We love snakes and are not afraid of them...Peachy actually plucked a little one out of a pool earlier this  year.  We proudly join the animal kingdom in print with these absolutely exquisite snake leggings, so soft and smooth yet with a print so powerful. 

The quality and durability of these leggings is far superior to its competitors in the marketplace, and we can testify to that as Peachy still wears leggings from years ago that she still loves and look great.  This year's snake style is graphically stunning in black and white, and is a must for your fall wardrobe, highly recommended by Whom You Know!

FALL/WINTER 2019/20 
Balanced between modern-day romanticism and a seductive celebration of femininity, the new Emilio Cavallini Fall-Winter 2019/20 collection plays with innocence’s elusive allure. In a play of light, shade and color, the ‘girl next door’ confidently sports intriguing sheer textures, audacious lace and openwork patterns, and rewrites the rules of bon ton with printed floral designs and vibrant autumn hues. 

The colors are basic and necessary: burgundy, olive green, purple, navy and of course black, the most important color. 

Emilio Cavallini’s background 
“Hosiery for me, has never been a detail, it’s the heart of a specific aesthetic view,” says Emilio Cavallini. These words express the thoughts of the legendary designer, who has been the first to revolutionize the nature of women’s tights and of men’s socks. He has turned a basic accessory into a unique garment that can transform any look, ensuring compliments and accolades from strangers as you walk down the street as Peachy Deegan has experienced consistently since 2012, shown on Whom You Know

Emilio’s creative instinct for fashion is paired with his careful research for materials and cutting-edge technology, leading to the emilio cavallini well-known strong and unique style. Geometric cuts, fishnets, optical patterns and bright colors are Emilio’s trademark characteristics. 

“When I started my company (Stilnovo SpA) in 1970, I was intrigued by the idea of pulling hosiery out of anonymity, of transforming it into a ‘garment’ unto itself,” says Cavallini. The designer adds, “Miniskirts expose so much of the leg that tights are an integral part of any outfit. Let’s face it, the leg makes up more than 30 percent of a head-to-toe look.”

Made in Italy… 
All Emilio Cavallini products are MADE IN ITALY, produced by expert Italian craftsmen and a huge staff that prides itself on excellence in every step of production, delivery and service. All production processes (knitting, dying, ironing, printing, packaging) take place in the Stilnovo factory located in San Miniato (near Florence, Italy). , which has just undergone major renovations, including a new showroom space designed to present the product. 

The Cavallini look…

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