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Friday, September 6, 2019

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French Dip Sandwich Masterpiece: do not miss the side of Au Jus to dip it in!
Owners Sean Marr and Brian Kirkpatrick

They may be drinking consultants, but we are eating consultants and we say eat here!  It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW.  Of course.  The third time's a charm, and we are pleased to announce that Bedford Falls has joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks, joining District Tap House and District Social, also Peachy's Picks and owned by this same brilliant group.  They even have yet another trick up their sleeve we haven't told you about, which makes so much sense because the best of the best do not sit on their laurels: they evolve and become even more excellent.
Bedford Falls was first featured:
Bedford Falls is owned by Sean Marr, Mike Geddes, Brendan Kirkpatrick and now also Brian Kirkpatrick, smiling above with Sean.
Naturally, we love their American Flag outside.   As you may or may not know, one of the first things we do when we visit a new restaurant is check out how clean the bathroom is.  We are even more picky about this as of this week since Peachy spent time with Dr. Oz and his guest the Health Inspector for Westchester County (New York) on the Dr. Oz show and has learned even more than she knew before.  One of the biggest problems we have with other restaurants/pubs is that they are not clean enough for us.  This place is spotless as is all of their other places, and we have every confidence in their level of cleanliness.  We can't tell you how many other places we won't go to because they are not fussy enough for us.
We do not edit pictures.  They are super clean.
A great burger is the first sign of excellence, and it is the best burger we've had all summer.
The Bedford Burger is not only a gorgeous beauty, but also a delicious one.
Don't hate it because it's beautiful.  Eat it.
Is Peachy's mouth that big?  Actually, don't answer that.  Maybe her Twitter mouth is.  The fabulous juicy beef is the definition of delicious, and teamed up with fantastic creamy cheddar, succulent bacon, fresh avocado and stunning jalapeno mayo, this is what your dinner should be.  But don't stop there.
We can't say enough about the French Dip sandwich, and it is by far the best Roast Beef sandwich you can get anywhere in New York.  Richie Byrne, Dr. Oz's comedian is absolutely going to go crazy for this (no kale here, Richie!).
The key to is winning ways is absolutely the side of Au Jus it arrives with in style, not to discount the superlative nature of the hot roast beef itself, luxurious provolone and amazingly fresh bread.  It melts in your mouth like no other and will be emblazoned upon your tastebud memory for eternity.  You will go back just for this.  Its origin is based in France, although it has been improved upon gastronomically in Britain, and ultimately, at Bedford Falls.  And yes, it is a wonderful dinner.  It's named after It's a Wonderful Life.
The French Dip sandwich is Sean's favorite, and once you indulge, it will become entirely clear why!
The salads utilize the freshest ingredients, and on a hot day, they are a highlight of the lighter side offered here.  On any day, they are nutritious and winning.  We like both the Kale Salad above and the Chicken Caesar Salad below the best.  The Kale (see more influence of Dr. Oz!) Salad includes not only Kale, but also roasted almonds, fresh parmesean (note it is of course actually cheese, not grated), apples and a refreshing lemon vinaigrette. 
The Chicken Caesar Salad is a celebration of tender chicken grilled to perfection, Boston lettuce (wicked awesome, naturally), parmesean, croutons, and caesar dressing.  Note we also like both of these dressings, a rarity.
The Potato Skins are among the standout appetizers: topped with bacon and cheddar, these spuds are spud-tacular and even better once they cannonball into that sour cream.  They are perfect for snacking on until your entree arrives, and are exactly what we were hoping for.  Note the music here is ambient without being overwhelming; other places are way too loud.
The Buffalo Wings are also uber-popular: Sean suggested hot and they were spot-on game food to covet.
The Entrees are not on par with other bar/restaurants: they far supersede them.
The Grilled Salmon we have tried before, and its strong showing is highly consistent and freshly grilled just to the right temperature.  Perched upon perfect potatoes (these guys have Celtic roots and you can probably call them potato specialists too) and enticing spinach, the poisson is simply spectacular.  The Skirt Steak is a nice surprise and is the epitome of simplicity done well.  It is also teaming up with that winning au jus to absolutely make your day, and is entirely juicy and succulent.
Bravo Executive Chef Manny Paredes, who has been here since the start in 2015: here he is with Sean.

Peachy Picks Bedford Falls!
Bedford Falls is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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