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Friday, September 13, 2019

#PeachysPicks #PeachyDinesAlFresco #BukharaGrill by #RajaJhanjee #VickyVij #BachanRawat We Celebrate Their 20 Year Anniversary

Owner Raja Jhanjjee with his masterpiece, Dal Bukhara
 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are glad to know Bukhara Grill and absolutely delighted to announce they have joined the ranks of Peachy's Picks AND concurrently earn a double feature in Peachy Dines Al Fresco with their lovely, quaint, quiet terrace on East 49th Street.  
 This is definitely the best al fresco you can have in Manhattan in Indian fine dining.
 Literally across the street from where Legend Katharine Hepburn once lived, Bukhara Grill is celebrating their 20-year anniversary this month.  Peachy and Raja toasted to celebrate with some sensational Cava from Spain!  If you see him tomorrow toast again for his BIRTHDAY!  And did you know Raja was once a volleyball player in India?
We began with Dahi Aloo Papri, a chilled dish composed of crisps, potatoes, and chick peas in tamarind sauce.  The presentation was top-notch and we like how the look of the dish matches the edible in it.  More people should try this fashion-forward food presentation.
 Grilled vegetables, regardless of specific cuisine, are a great idea to add to your meal.  Special Tandoori from the best pick of greens is served hot with pineapple and tomatoes, and paneer, a cheese.  Another beautiful arrangement hits the high marks on nutrition and style.
 We applaud the great depth of the menu at Bukhara Grill and there are many starters to choose from; we also like how they are clearly explained in English well and arranged for both Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.  Perhaps the best name on the menu is this one: Sharabi Kababi!  This rhyming sensation is beautifully grilled chicken marinated in just the right amount of spices to bring out the excellence of the chicken, and is grilled to perfection.
Avid readers know that Peachy insists on green salads, and Bukhara Grill is solid here too.  It is too bad when we see lesser Indian venues with no green salad...and of course the Garlic Naan Monster absolutely delicately devoured this hot number: 
However, we have to say we loved the Onion Kulcha even more.  We will be honest with you: the onion kulcha did not even make it home and the Garlic Naan monster was an even bigger Onion Kulcha monster! The soft onion bread is super flavorful and soft like a pillow and you are just going to be thrilled with it.  We cannot wait to eat it again.
 Note if you are new to our site, note we NEVER EDIT PICTURES.  Your food either looks this colorful and delicious like Raja's, or it does not.  We tell it like it is!  Bukhara Grill was most recently featured this past spring and we were highly impressed:
It was first featured in 2017:
There have been a lot of restaurants that have come and gone in this period of time, but Bukhara Grill has gotten better and better, which is why it is advancing to Peachy's Picks.
This gorgeous creation immediately above is Gobhi Taka Tin: cauliflower, ginger, garlic and even more spices that wonderfully meld together.  If your vegetables are not this gorgeous and delicious, sprint your stomach to Bukhara Grill.  Bell Peppers and tomatoes also come to this Cauliflower soiree.
Other than the breads, this is Peachy's favorite Indian food.  It is superlative chunks of chicken swimming in delicious spiced rice with white sauce (below) that boasts unique flavor that will really wow you.
 Looks like Peachy was so excited to eat it that she couldn't wait for the flash to go off.
 Chicken Makhani is another bright, flavorful dinner that is skillfully roasted in the clay oven, tossed in a creamy tomato sauce that your stomach will applaud for.  Their menu says it is unquestionably the most versatile delicacy in the north of India; we say it has wide appeal and you are missing out if you don't try this rich chicken dinner.  Also their rice is perfection which is an ideal base for these sauced dinners. 
Oh how we love cute little shrimps, especially since Peachy is so shrimpy!  Meet Shrimp Bhuna, which has the flavor to delight all big kahunas of Manhattan!  This is among the most impressive entrees at Bukhara Grill to us and this shrimp is cooked in a wok with freshly ground spices and herbs.  All spices are freshly ground at Bukhara Grill and their serious spice attitude and tradition makes all the difference in every bite.  And P.S. : Bukhara Grill is where the Indian Prime Minister dines:
Right to Left 

 Finally, the grand finale was their most popular dish, the Dal Bukhara.  The flavorful taste will become emblazoned upon your tastebud memory and you will crave this dish again in days to come, so make sure to get at least one order to go because this makes a perfect lunch.  Black lentils make a first-class bean dinner brilliantly slow-cooked radiating excellence in gourmet style.  We cannot wait to eat them again! 
Peachy Picks Bukhara Grill!
Bukhara Grill is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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