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Monday, September 16, 2019

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout #Spiga #SpigatoGo #WhomYouKnow #Manhattan #ManhattanRestaurants #Italian @ManhattanPeachy #LuigiCorea A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Spiga To Go by Luigi Corea Summer 2019 First Resurrected Restaurant in Whom You Know's History

 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and Luigi Corea is still the one and only restaurant owner that has come back from the dead and we applaud him.
Spiga to Go was last featured last winter:
We began with Squid Ink linguine with shrimp, squid and tomato: entirely refreshing, and ultimately it hits the spot on a summer day.  Owner Luigi Corea is dedicated to quality all-around.
The depth of the pastas on the menu is laudable, and we also tried the Trenette with genovese pasta: homemade with fresh pesto with local basil and pinenuts from Spain and EVOO from Italy.  These accentuations make all the difference.  
 The entree selection is equally as solid as the pastas.
For secondi, the Branzino with lemon and capers is a proven classic, rarely done as well as Spiga To Go accomplishes with its fresh fish and spices of perfection.  Potatoes and string beans, our favorites, come to this poisson party and add to the ultimate delightment.
Chicken breast with tomato and mozzarella announce less is more in the Sorrento style: gluten free sans flour and breadcrumbs, kind of like "chicken parm unplugged" if you have ever seen that on MTV (the MUSIC not the chicken parm.)
 If on a hot day in Central Park you are getting peckish, head straight to Spiga.
Here you will find the best local paninis worth the walk: from the Chicken Parm classic to the Grilled Vegetables with Olive Oil, all will hit the spot and leave you worshiping Luigi and his commitment to excellence.  And, if you have a dozen friends that you want to have the same thing as you at your dinner party, Luigi will do that kind of takeout just for you if you ask.

Spiga To Go continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know and we can't wait to see what our pal the uber-talented Luigi Corea does next.

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