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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

#OORAHOOFOS !!!!! #SeeManhattanonYourFeet #ShoeoftheWeekWomen @USMC #oorah #Fashion #PatrioticPeachy @Oofos #OOFOS OOriginal Sport and OOahh Sport 2019 Limited Edition Marine Corps Recovery Footwear Highly Recommended by Whom You Know

It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we knew the MARINES before we were born because we're related to more than one.  Peachy Deegan is patriotic down to her piggy toes, and we are thrilled that Oofos has a USMC edition of their outstanding recovery footwear.
These are the same style we've previously featured and love, but even better because of what they mean!

· OOFOS is proud to offer commemorative styles for Boston, Chicago, NYC, London, and new this year, Marine Corps. 

o All popular marathons, now offering the perfect recovery shoe for post-race comfort 

o As runners get into the end of their training seasons and gear up for fall marathons, recovery is essential. OOFOS provides dynamic recovery (recovery while moving) and has been research-proven to reduce stress on the muscles and joints, helping the body to feel better 

Even if your personal marathon is walking over ten miles at a trade show or to dinner like Peachy Deegan, Oofos are the absolute best recovery footwear around to revive and comfort  your busy feet.  Oofos continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

Brand Overview

• OOFOS was founded in 2011 by four veterans of the footwear industry who saw an unmet need for footwear that could help fitness enthusiasts and athletes recover from repeated workouts on hard, man-made surfaces. They worked with a foam chemist to develop a breakthrough foam material, what we call OOfoam™ technology. Our revolutionary OOfoam™ technology combined with a biomechanically engineered footbed to create OOFOS: footwear that can truly make your hard-working feet and body feel better. OOFOS is scientifically proven to help you recover faster.

• The biggest differentiator with OOFOS is the OOfoam™ technology found in each and every pair of our shoes.

• After two extensive research studies, we have learned that the OOfoam™ technology paired with our patented footbed design lessens the demand on your ankles and knees while walking, which results in less work for your other leg muscles. By making walking easier on the body, it reduces stress to allow your body to feel better. OOFOS are now scientifically proven to make people feel better.

• OOfoam™ offers 37% more impact absorption than EVA (traditional foam found in athletic shoes). This means that with each step, the impact that travels from your feet up through your body is reduced by more than a third! When you’re not exercising, OOFOS footwear with OOfoam™ technology gives your whole body the opportunity to relax, rebuild and recover.

• We learned through research and testing over 2.5 years that the impact-absorbing benefits of OOfoam™ technology are a tremendous asset for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in helping them recover post-workout. We also learned that OOFOS and OOfoam™ technology have made a significant impact in helping people who experience foot, ankle, knee and hip pain.

• Our mission is to “make yOO feel better”, because that is what our products do for other people, and that is what we try to do as a company in our interactions with people, too.

• OOFOS launched Project Pink in 2015. For each pair of OOFOS sold on, we donate 3% directly to breast cancer research to support new medical breakthroughs. It’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, as OOFOS’ very first employee was diagnosed in 2014 with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)- a non-curable and terminal condition. This is why OOFOS chose to put our philanthropic efforts towards having as much of an impact as possible to finding a cure and having MBC no longer be a terminal disease. Staying true to our brand mission, “make yOO feel better,” we envision Project Pink making breast cancer patients all over the world feel better. To date, we have proudly donated over $130,000 to the breast cancer research team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and will not stop until our collective efforts find a cure. Unfortunately, in May 2019, we lost Duncan after her courageous 4.5 year journey with breast cancer, and we are more committed than ever to ending breast cancer. Learn more here: Project Pink Video

· Over the past 8 years, OOFOS has grown to over 35 employees and counting, and our footwear is sold in 36 countries world-wide. In the USA alone, OOFOS footwear is sold in over 1,300 specialty retailers in the running, fitness, outdoor and comfort shoe store spaces. As well, OOFOS has an online store ( offering our full selection of all of our styles, which has been a great service for our consumers looking to shop online.

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