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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

#TerrificTakeout #PeachysPicks #PeachyDeegan @ManhattanPeachy #Primola by #GiulianoZuliani and #SamuelMorocho A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Primola Since 1986 Fall 2019

Majestic Veal Parmesean
 By definition, Primola is dining perfection. 
 We were graciously greeted by legendary owner, Giuliano Zuliani, and GM Dominic suggested we start with a fine rose to sip to make summer last just a little bit longer; however, be advised, Primola is among our favorites to be kicking off the fall restaurant review season.
 The crudites, meats and cheeses echo the high-level greeting, and you'll be surrounded by class and distinction from the fine wines to the books.  We are incredibly pro-wine and pro-book at Whom You Know, and Primola is known to be frequented by the literary. 
 An essential menu category is the Insalate e Verdure, and this visit we chose the trifecta of nutrition: Rugola, Radicchio e Endive, a bastion of fresh excellence ready to ignite your appetite.  All produce we have ever had at Primola is top-of-the-line, robust and exactly what we are looking for. 
 Earlier this summer, we discovered we are huge fans of the special appetizer Grilled Squid.  We looked forward to this the most and Peachy had been saying her prayers that it was still on the menu.  It will enrapture your palate with seafood sensations of superlative texture and flavor, and you will not want to share at all!  This is the best squid you can get right now in Manhattan so scoot over to see Giuliano, pronto!  You, too, will be in love with these super little squids. 
One of the menu sections we look forward to most in all of New York is the Pasta section of Primola's.  It alone justifies one's existence in Manhattan!  This time, we opted for the Pasta Primavera, above at the suggestion of Dominic.  We have not ordered this dish often, but it is done superbly.  Fedilini Primavera is its proper name on the menu.
Black and White Taglierini, below, is one of our most favorite dishes anywhere, and this time it was ideally consistent with every other visit we have reveled in it.  The two-tone brilliance of the pasta struts the fashion runway of your plate straight into a win in your appetite column.  You absolutely have to have it, and you are not living your best life without this dish.
The entrees of Primola are simply outstanding.  
Under Pesci, the Misto di Pesce Griglia o Guazzetto is a celebration of seafood in a light broth that brings out each respective flavor of the scallops, shrimp, calamari, salmon and halibut and we especially love that this dish does not make us choose which fish.
At Primola, you can have it all!
Even better was a vision of pounded perfection we do not spy on the printed menu but Primola made it for us at Peachy's request: The Veal Parmesean is the best we've had.
 Pictures speak louder than words.
The ratio of veal to heavenly mozzarella to tomato sauce is sublime and just perfect to dine upon as the weather cools down a bit for fall.  The sauce absolutely hits the spot and the combination of the veal luxuriating it with the divinity of mozzarella is masterful. 
 Primola is one of the few places remaining in Manhattan that does a true dessert tray right, and one of life's simple pleasures is choosing from it.  We adore the berries and cream, and for someone that is not crazy for biscotti, we are CRAZY FOR THIS BISCOTTI.

Primola continues to be Highly Recommended!
We love it here!

Giuliano is very old school and we have yet to convince him to have a website or Twitter but maybe someday!
1226 2nd Avenue # 1 New York, NY 10065 
Contact: (212) 758-1775

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