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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

#ReadThis THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU By Liv Constantine @LivConstantine2

Previously on Whom You Know, these authors were featured in their debut: , which we liked best of the two in terms of the story, presentation and execution.

Their sophomore act, well worth reading, is a winner in its fast-paced banter chronicling the life of Dr. Kate, who might appear to have it all.  It explores the value of lifelong friendships and those that don't properly value it!  Serious psychological mind-boggling incidents will intrigue you as you encounter three blind mice, among others.

Can you trust your family?  Can you trust your spouse?  Can you trust your friends?  This will have you second-guessing everything along with Kate, and her unique story lends itself to pure entertainment.  

We hugely applaud the Bleak House reference on page 40 and Gordon is just like Burn Gordon's character in the BBC rendition.  In contrast, we strongly disagree with the Wall Street fashion criticism; wearing bulls and bears is absolutely where it's at and so uber-Manahttan (p. 78), and there is NOTHING BORING about the great state of FLORIDA!!! (p. 83).

As the story evolves, and we won't give it away, a web of intrigue is spun with layers upon layers of scandalous history.  It unfolds and will shock you to the core, and if you think you can predict endings, you will learn you in fact, cannot.  You'll be jolted into surrendering your time to this book!

The Last Time I Saw You is Recommended by Whom You Know.

The murder of a philanthropic heiress sends shockwaves through an old-money Maryland enclave—and dislodges the web of deceptions, lies, and betrayals roiling beneath its picture-perfect façade… 

Fresh off the blockbuster debut novel The Last Mrs. Parrish, an internationally bestselling critical and fan favorite, breakout sensation Liv Constantine offers another intoxicating foray into a gilded world of wealth, privilege, power, and danger in THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU (Harper, $26.99; Hardcover; ISBN 13: 9780062868817; on-sale: May 7, 2019). Prepare to be bewitched by this irresistibly entertaining page-turner, which fuses elements of domestic noir and psychological suspense into a stunningly original tale. 

Dazed by grief, Kate English tries desperately to maintain her usual composure at the funeral of her beloved mother, Lily Michaels, whose brutal death has rocked their exclusive community. Calling upon the steely resolve that serves her so well as a heart surgeon, she greets mourners dutifully. Among them: Blaire Barrington, her former BFF. Growing up, the two were as close as sisters after meeting at an elite boarding school. But when headstrong Blaire voiced her disapproval of Simon, Kate’s handsome and arrogant fiancé, a lengthy estrangement ensued. 

In the days of mourning following the burial, the women reestablish their bond—much to Simon’s dismay. Always the alpha in the relationship, Blaire resumes the part as if no time has elapsed. Already vulnerable and worried about her young daughter’s wellbeing, Kate needs Blaire’s unwavering support when she begins to receive increasingly menacing messages. Is Lily’s murderer toying with his or her next victim? Or is there another agenda behind the insidious threats to Kate’s sanity and safety?

Once looked down upon by her blue-blooded peers, Blaire returns to town a glamourous success, the celebrated coauthor of a lucrative mystery series. Having considered herself a member of the Michaels family for so long, she too feels like she has lost a mother. With the police investigation at a dead end, Blaire taps into her professional expertise to play the deeply personal role of avenging angel. But as suspicion hits close to home and trust becomes a casualty of fear, the search for the elusive truth just might unleash an avalanche of unexpected consequences for everyone in its path… 

A razor-sharp story about female friendship, marital complexities, and maternal love set against a glittering backdrop, THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU subverts expectations at every turn while keeping its fascinating characters and its rapt readers poised on the knife’s edge until its ultimate killer twist. 

Sly, stylish, and devilishly clever, THE LAST TIME I SAW YOU stakes its claim as the top contender for summer’s most unmissable title. I hope you will plan prominent review/feature attention for this spellbinding book, and I’ll be in touch to discuss the possibility of an interview.

Liv Constantine is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Separated by three states, they spend hours plotting via FaceTime and burning up each other’s emails. They attribute their ability to concoct dark story lines to the hours they spent listening to tales handed down by their Greek grandmother. They live in Connecticut and Maryland, respectively. Follow the authors on Twitter 
@LivConstantine2, and visit their website

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