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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

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In the world of fine dining in Manhattan, which is a world in itself, there is a lot of turnover.  There are good places, there are great places, and there are places that think they are great.
There are few spots as truly exceptional as Table D'Hote, a Peachy's Pick since 2012.  That's why Billy is a Mover and Shaker, and you should read his article!  Bill is still ridiculously modest so we brag about him at every given opportunity.
Yes, they are open for dinner.  And, this is dining perfection.  If you are anywhere on the Upper East Side, you should make this your first priority for dinner.  If you are not on the Upper East Side, why not?!  Table D'Hote is a coveted destination restaurant for all Manhattan dwellers and the lucky tourists that are smart enough to secure their reservation in advance.
Not only does Billy Knapp have a storied resume bursting with impressive experience, but also he takes personal and professional pride in ensuring each dish is up to his sky-high standards whether it is as simple as a salad or as exquisite as Icelandic Cod.  Additionally, Table D'Hote is one of the cleanest places we have ever seen from the kitchen to the bathroom.  
We began with the fresh Mixed Greens of baby watercress and julienned green apple, giving it that special flair.  This salad is indulged in a apple cider vinaigrette, which sets off the produce so nicely, and is dusted with just the right amount of toasted almonds.
We first went to Table D'Hote in 2012:

Show us your mussels!  The Bouchot Mussels are a homerun, and our favorite Manhattan mussels at the moment.  White wine, saffron, heavy cream, shallots, garlic and red pepper flakes team up to wow you in a big way.  In addition to Bill's obvious expertise, Table D'Hote also enjoys the talents of Ariel Encarnacion, Sous Chef since 2017, and member of the staff here since 2011.  When Bill is not there, Ariel is the Executive Chef.
Yes that is steam.
No we do not ever edit pictures.
You rule like Bill, or you do not.
Mussel glamour shot:
The day we visited, the Soup de Jour (of the day for anyone that doesn't speak Francais!) was French Onion Soup, which is to-die-for.  The soup itself of onions, dry sherry and chicken stock is superlative however when you consider the crostini luxuriating in greyere, it is totally out of this world.  Now anytime we have french onion soup we are going to be looking for this crostini and if we don't see it we are going to think quietly to ourselves that Table D'Hote's is better.
We have eaten a lot of great edibles in November, but none as sensational as the uber-juicy succulent Braised Short Ribs at Table D'Hote.  They are braised in a bespoke combination of cabernet sauvignon and port along with veal stock that make these the short ribs that dreams are made of.  Sourced carefully from Piccinini Brothers, the top-notch short ribs are joined by mushroom barley, root vegetables and red wine sauce.
Pierless Fish delivers six days a week (they are closed Sundays) to Table D'Hote, and the obvious freshness is evident in every bite of the Icelandic Cod.  Of course this star swims over from Iceland and the thick delicious cod graciously perches upon the cutest and most succulent of brussel spouts, accentuated with just the right touch of bacon and apple cider to make your fall just right.  Crafted with granny smith apples, the apple crumble is the final home run and it magically disappeared in Peachy's stomach first.  (And it is far better than its competitors.)
Table D'Hote continues to be a Peachy's Pick and it earns Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation.

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