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Monday, November 4, 2019

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 Owner Sean Marr and the masterful Cedar-Smoked Center-Cut Pork Chops 
Do not pass go and collect $200 without trying the Best Tomato Soup Ever and the Grilled Ham and Cheese!!!
 In case you hadn't seen Peachy Deegan's multiple tweets about it (some retweeted, originally by her friend the BC soccer star Deidre follow her on Twitter too!), BOSTON COLLEGE FOOTBALL finally had quite the game this past Saturday afternoon, and there's one spot that is the best spot to see any college football or sports game in the city, and that's District Tap House.  It's never who you know.  It's WHOM YOU KNOW and we know Sean Marr, owner and head drinking consultant of all drinking consultants at District Tap House, a Peachy's Pick Since 2017.  Sean Marr co-owns District Tap House with Bennett Page, Aiden Stenson, Michael Geddes, and Philip Smith.  District Tap House was first featured in early 2017 after our first visit, for the first time:

It has earned a spot in Peachy's Picks, and was the second restaurant to achieve this in 2017.
It was most recently featured this past spring:
We have seen many come and go in eleven years of doing this, and are most delighted by those we've worked with for many years who continue to thrive and stay on top.  A few just aren't what they used to be, and they are no longer featured.  But District Tap House is turning into an old favorite.  Not only are they solidly terrific, but also THEY KEEP GETTING BETTER, evidenced by upcoming verbiage and photographic demonstrations!  District Tap House is the luxury version of a sports bar and it has absolutely all the bells and whistles a fabulous menu in Manhattan should have.

 A highly inviting small plate is the Shishito Peppers, suggested by Sean.  These bright, fresh crispy winners are indeed delicious and we believe healthy as well. They are vegetables!  Flavored medium to mild, these green delights are enhanced by a side of sea salt which they vault into each time Boston College scores...of course, when it is Peachy eating them.
 We are all about choices, and though we like beef hamburger and cheeseburger sliders, we like it even better when there are multiple choices to suit the style of your palate during your District Tap visit.  Meet the SHRIMP SALAD sliders, which we have never seen on another menu.  They are completely spectacular boasting: red onion, celery, dill, lettuce and of course a generous amount of shrimp.  Served cold, they will cool off your temperature when you are yelling at the referees (on the tv, of course.)  The buns are perfectly toasted. 
 Croque Monsierur Glamour Shots!!!!
 And a final dunk into the best tomato soup WE HAVE EVER HAD.  EVER.
 A new menu item under Sandwiches is the BEST TOMATO SOUP we have ever had, made from scratch, that is joined by three halves of Grilled Cheese and Ham, which in itself is grilled to perfection.   It is a great understatement to say this hits the spot and every aspect of this dish is on point.  You have to have it.  It is the perfect fall dish. 
We have had this before, and it remains beautifully consistent: Baby Spinach Salad with hazelnuts and kashkaval.  They always listen and put the dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky, and all components are cut just right and fresh. 
 A newcomer to the entree section (Large Plates termed on the menu) are the luxurious Gnocchi, basking in a trifecta of Gouda, Fontina and Mushrooms ultimately achieving what not all Italians even reach in terms of Gnocchi excellence.  This dish is comfort food at its best and it will silence even the most talkative with its signature flavor that will win you over.  Your tastebuds will hug it.
For a healthy choice, the Grilled Salmon cannot be beat.  Shining in a Membrillo Glaze, this poisson graciously reminds you that this is no ordinary drinking establishment: it is an extraordinary one.  Haricot vert and Yellow Wax beans nicely set off the color and add nutritional flair. 
The burrata remains a classic and is a popular small plate.  The tuna tartare further emphasizes the high level of aesthetics that District Tap House is committed to under Executive Chef Ivan Aguilar and Group Chef Harrison Mosher.  The arrangement itself varies seasonally, but the high quality tuna remains stellar and consistent. 
 Your tuna tartar smiles at you: 
 Now we are led to an exemplary demonstration of how a dish gets better over time.  We always liked the pork chop and Sean pointed it out himself the first time we went almost three years ago.  Well, this pork chop (along with the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup) has the most stars on it on Peachy's menu that she took notes on.  We cannot say enough about its improvement, and it didn't occur to us that it could have gotten even better, but it did.  The Cedar Smoked Center Cut Pork Chop revels in a Chipotle Barbecue Glaze and is joined by greens and lentils.  The flavor is superlative and dictates the high quality this group is committed to every day.
 Pork Chop Glamour Shots
 Note if you have never read us before, you should know we never edit pictures.  
You excel, or you do not.
 Yes, this is what a steak dinner should look like.  The Hanger Steak is grilled to an ideal medium and is super juicy, pleasing even the most discriminating palates.  Accentuated by Cipollini Onions, Agradulce, and Espuma, it is also joined by some of the best WHIPPED POTATOES you can get right now in the city, though the menu says mashed.  To us, the consistency is smooth without lumps so it reaches a higher degree of potato winning. 
District Tap House continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.
Do not miss the blueberry ice cream sandwich conclusion!

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