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Thursday, February 20, 2020

#PeachysPicks @LeMarais_Steak @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan #WhomYouKnow A Peachy's Pick Since 2012, Le Marais by Jose Meirelles Winter 2020 From the owner of Les Halles, comes #NewYork #Premiere #Kosher #Steakhouse in style of fine #French #Bistro w/ #Portuguese flair of owner #ChefJose #TimesSquare

We adore the Entrecote with Bernaise!
 It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and we are glad to know Jose Meirelles, owner of Le Marais! When they say on their menu they're a rare steakhouse...well done it's entirely accurate!  One-of-a-kind, Le Marais is a bastion of gorgeous French excellence as a Kosher Steakhouse in the heart of Times Square, and is by far one of the most elegant venues in that area.  We have loved it since 2012 and they are one of the most consistent performers.
 The water is perfect with no ice and lemon vertically quartered, exactly how we like it.
Jose suggested we start with the Pave de Thon aux Piments: rare, chili-crusted tuna with baby beets, radish and ravishing tomatillo sauce which adds a burst of refreshment to your winter.  The beets were yellow and we were delighted with the added watermelon chunks; we can't remember the last time we featured watermelon as we are now in the dead of winter.
However, Peachy's favorite appetizer here remains the Saumon Fume Garni: we adore the classics and the classic smoked salmon is a clearcut winner every time with its freshness and delicate flavor that puts a huge smile on our face.  We applaud the depth of the salad selection here and this time we opted for the Salade de Poulet aux Pignons: Chicken Breast, which in itself is tremendously flavorful and moister than its competition, quinoa, arugula, toasted pine nuts and rounded out with lovely Dijon mayonnaise.  The contrast of textures here is a total victory for your dining pleasure and the flavor accentuation is magnificent. 
No one does Flounder better! 
Oooh les poissons!  And the Filet de Fletan Saute is absolutely the best flounder you can get in Manhattan.  The pan-fried flounder is total comfort food and is terrific at especially hitting the spot on a cold day in February.  Israeli couscous and refreshing tomato-cucumber salad is a nice contrast to the generously-sized fish.  It's gorgeously light with a beautiful fresh flavor, and it's also highly consistent.  A relative newcomer to this menu is the entree of Smoked Chicken Legs and Thighs, and note this is no ordinary BBQ.  It is pinkies-out, elegant BBQ.
 The chicken boasts tremendous flavor, a credit to the veal fat and the smokiness of it that brings out exquisite taste that will make you not believe this is kosher with no pig: it is entirely kosher of course as is everything here always!  Collard greens, mashed potatoes and bourbon BBQ sauce bring a little bit country to the nation's biggest city and the best steakhouse in Times Square.  Dorian the manager pointed out the little flavorful veal bits and said we should try the Lardon Fumes which he was absolutely correct to suggest: 
 House-cured, smoke-slab "bacon" is in quotes on the menu because it is NOT BACON OR PIG.  It's veal!  You won't be able to tell the difference and you will only be able to revel in its carnivorous wonder with amazing aroma to greet you.  The carnivorous glory is culminated with the supreme Entrecote, star of the show bien sur mes amies:
 It's perfection grilled to medium as requested, and the bernaise sauce is a dream!  Of course it's non-dairy: 
 Served with pommes frites, the kosher steak is juicy fabulousness and celebrated with even more potatoes by Peachy who loves them mashed also:
 If you weren't familiar with green bamboo rice either, it's delicious.  A fragrant herbaceous garden of carb glory, Green Bamboo Rice is american and delicious, especially if you've never had it before.  
 We are always impressed with their fresh berries highlighted just right with mint: 
 Always the perfect conclusion!
 We love Le Marais! Le Marais continues to be Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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