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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

#FashionAlert #AmazingAccessories #ItalyPeachy #KeepingItalyonTopMadeinItaly #MadforPlaid with #MoverandShaker @EmilioCavallini Style 5E15.1.43 4T Tartan Earns Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation! It is Just What You Need for Fall Style.

It's true.  We are absolutely Mad for Plaid and we'd say that of the four seasons, Fall gives us the most opportunity to celebrate this classic style!  Namely, with Mover and Shaker Emilio Cavallini!  Tartan tights Style 5E15.1.43 4T are exactly what you need to put the right amount of ooomph in your fall look and finally step out stunningly!  There has never been a year before when style (and everything else!?!) has been more appreciated, and the world is dying to emerge and look their best.  Tights are a underutilized accessory that can immediately transform a look raising the taste level of your outfit to the fashion stratosphere, and absolutely NO ONE DOES LEGWEAR BETTER THAN EMILIO CAVALLINI!!!!  Designed in Italy, Crafted in Italy, these high style tights announce quality the moment they touch your skin.  Emilo's Tartan Earns Whom You Know's Highest Recommendation.

FALL/WINTER 2020/21 
Emilio Cavallini’s woman for fall-winter 2020 is strong, daring, almost shameless.
She wants to be the focus of attention and she highlights her legs with tights that are the main focus of her look. 
It is a collection full of geometric looks: classic dots that become diamonds, graphic crochet, herringbones, modern houndstooth, spirals and plaid. 
Even the animal look is transformed and sterner. 
Emilio Cavallini doesn’t eliminate lace, a must-have for fall-winter 2020 and he presents it in red or gold, for a stronger, bolder effect. 
The skinny pants are available in all the line themes, laces, animal and plaid.

Emilio Cavallini’s background 
“Hosiery for me, has never been a detail, it’s the heart of a specific aesthetic view” says Emilio Cavallini. These words express the thoughts of the designer, who that has been the first to revolutionize the nature of women’s tights and of men’s socks. He has turned a basic accessory into a unique garment that can transform any look,, ensuring compliments and accolades from strangers as you walk down the street as Peachy Deegan has experienced consistently since 2012, shown on Whom You Know

Emilio’s creative instinct for fashion is paired with his careful research for materials and cutting-edge technology, leading to the emilio cavallini well-known strong and unique style. Geometric cuts, fishnets, optical patterns and bright colors are Emilio’s trademark characteristics.

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