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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Maria has gotten this review the old fashioned way as Salomon Smith Barney once said (and its predecessor Smith Barney): She EARNED IT.  (Citi why don't you use this tag?! And PS Neither Maria nor Peachy is old enough to remember that 1979 commercial...but it is better than a lot of commercials today!  A classic.) In the interest of full disclosure, Peachy has met her a couple of times and we think she is beyond brilliant - way before we started Whom You Know.  We have never met or known James Freeman, but he is implied in the team credit going forward when we say Maria. Together they have built a highly impressive compilation of facts evidenced by extensive notes that are over 30 pages in the back of the book that is a total must read for every American and anyone who cares about America today.  They make the case that Donald Trump is an underrated chief executive-and that the abuse of federal investigative power against him is the greatest scandal of his era.  You can't consider yourself truly woke unless you read The Cost!
First of all she begins the book with chocolate cake-a great topic.  If you don't like chocolate cake what are you doing here!  Her straightforward signature style is a hallmark of authentic credible INTELLIGENT journalism which is rare indeed today.  We never thought we'd live in world of journalism as we've seen the past several years.  This is not politics as usual.  It's the TRUTH.  We like that she quotes Tom Cotton (yes you should read his book too!!!) when he comments on the Covid-19 disease on page 3.  He states and Maria restates: "The virus went into that food market before it came out of that food market.  So we don't know where it originated.  But we do know that just a few miles away from that food market is China's only biosafety-level-four super-laboratory that researches human infectious diseases."

As we mentioned, Maria is a true journalist and is therefore unbiased.  Every logical point she makes is substantiated by facts and this is not a love letter to President Trump.  She acknowledges his weaknesses as well as his assets and eloquently says: "The cost of supporting Donald Trump is enduring awkward moments when he says things that presidents shouldn't say.  The benefit is that he champions American liberty and prosperity, and a free and prosperous America is a benefit to people all over the world." (p.16) 

We thought we knew quite a lot of the news however there is a lot inbetween these covers we did not know including:
*60% of the world's donations to the global Covid-19 response are AMERICAN stated by Pompeo (p. 31)
*A shocking $1.9 TRILLION was spent in 2016 after 8 years of Obama to comply with Federal Regulations.  If you like Whom You Know at all, keep in mind in our dozen years we have championed many American small businesses (p. 99).
This is two times what Americans spent on gas and more than three times what Americans spent on electricity and more than Americans spent on dining out.
*Ireland's corporate income tax is 12.5% (p.116).  We knew it was low but didn't know it was that low.  After the USA we sing the praises of Ireland the most.  For Trump to get it to be 20% with a negotiation ask of 15% is extraordinary.  If you don't understand why any of this is important take a college level class on macroeconomic theory.
*Hanjuan Jin is a criminal and you should always have your eyes open and be vigilant (p. 149 but you already know you should have this mindset from Ray Kelly's book)

If you are a kid, you should read this because you'll learn history lessons the schools are not teaching today. (like on p. 138)
*Investors especially and people ought to know that Chinese companies DO NOT NEED TO COMPLY with the same accounting rules as American companies (p. 170).  Yet.  
We could go on and on but you need to read the book.

Methodical, diplomatic, intelligent and thoughtful, The Cost is a page-turner of enlightenment for all.  We hope that we never have to read a book called China first because we don't like horror.  Trade secret theft is rampant and even Henry Paulson is starting to sound like Trump (p. 157).  Did you know that WWII was more devastating than Covid-19 in relative terms because in the 1940's the world had less than a third of its current population and most of the deaths were young people, like Peachy's uncle who died at age 18.

Haven't you heard?   You can be a money honey and so much more.  The only thing we didn't like is that this book didn't come out SOONER: it was written this summer.  But you can read it now and prepare yourself and consider 2024 may be here before you know it.

A vivid painting of truth, sanity and reason: The Cost by Maria Bartiromo and James Freeman is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.  Make your bookshelf great again!


The world needs a strong America, and America needs an economic revival after the coronavirus season of shutdowns. Can the playbook that resulted in the greatest job market in history put Americans back to work? That is what Maria Bartiromo and James Freeman take on in THE COST: Trump, China, and the American Revival (Threshold Editions; on-sale October 27, 2020). 

From the first moments of his presidency, Donald J. Trump put U.S. economic revival at the top of his agenda. Cutting red tape and slashing business tax rates made companies eager to locate in America again. A surge in corporate investment led to record numbers of U.S. job openings. 

But there was also another force at work at the start of the Trump era, and it’s impossible to provide a fair accounting of Trump’s governance without noting the unique obstacles he’s faced. The President’s critics styled themselves “the Resistance,” as if they were confronting a tyrant at the head of an invading army rather than their duly elected President. Much of the media establishment regularly—and wrongly—accused him of betraying the country. Most disturbing was the resistance movement inside government, formed even before the 2016 election, that unleashed unprecedented surveillance against him. 

The political and media warfare has never ended. Just as an impeachment case collapsed in the Senate earlier this year, the world was beginning to realize how large a threat the Chinese Communist Party had become—and what it had been hiding in Wuhan. The destruction caused by the coronavirus is the latest and greatest test for the Trump prosperity agenda. 

Once again the health and wealth of the world depend on U.S. leadership for economic revival. This is the story of the man American voters chose to lead in 2016 and will soon consider to lead again. 

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Maria Bartiromo is the anchor of the influential premarket program Mornings with Maria and the investing program Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street on Fox Business Network. She also anchors Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News Channel, which is consistently rated the number one program in all of cable during that time slot. The two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist was the first person to report live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, in 1995, and in 2011 made history once again as the first female journalist to be inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame. The Cost is her fourth book. 

James Freeman is assistant editor of The Wall Street Journal's editorial page and author of the Best of the Web column. He is the coauthor of Borrowed Time: Two Centuries of Booms, Busts and Bailouts at Citi, a New York Times Editors' Choice and Financial Times Business Book of the Month. He is a Fox News contributor and former investor advocate at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Threshold Editions is an imprint dedicated to publishing works that impact the great political, policy, and philosophical debates of our time by providing a forum for the thinkers and doers across the ever expanding contemporary conservative spectrum. 

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