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Monday, March 22, 2021

#Daylight #ItalyPeachy #FinallyBrunello #CharitablePeachy @GruppoItaliano1 #WhomYouKnow is Honored to Attend the 2016 #Brunello #Graduation at @IlGattopardoNYC @ITAtradeagency

With all of our coverage in the culinary field we believe this is the first wine graduation we've ever attended, and we're honored.  Gruppo Italiano celebrated Finally Brunello at Il Gattopardo today in New York and 56 Brunello varieties graduated so all wine connoisseurs around the world, update your list and get started! Gianfranco Sorrentino:
Wines that graduated include:

Scopone Brunello 2016
Armilla Brunello 2016
La Serena Brunello 2016
La Forita Brunello 2016
Poggio Antico Brunello 2016
Casisano Brunello 2016
Collemattoni Brunello 2016
Il Valentiano Brunello 2016
Romitorio Brunello 2016. Very Good
Tenute Nardi Brunello 2016
Palazzone Brunello 2016
Collelceto Brunello 2016
Talenti Brunello 2016
Caparzo Brunello 2016
Ridolfi Brunello 2016
Collosorbo Brunello 2016
Pinino Brunello 2016
Camigliano Brunello 2016 Paesaggio Inatteso
Capanna Brunello 2016
La Poderina Brunello 2016
Banfi Brunello 2016 Poggio alle Mura
Innocenti Brunello 2016
La Magia Brunello 2016
Castiglion del Bosco Brunello 2016
Pian delle Vigne Brunello 2016
Col d'orcia Brunello 2016
Argiano Brunello 2016
Fattoria dei Barbi Brunello 2016
Fuligni Brunello 2016
Fanti Brunello 2016 Vallocchio
Val di Suga Brunello 2016 Vigna Spuntali
Fossacolle Brunello 2016
Corte Pavone Brunello 2016
Carpineto Brunello 2016
San polo Brunello 2016
La Rasina Brunello 2016
La Gerla Brunello 2016
Il Palazzone Brunello 2016
Casanuova delle Cerbaie Brunello 2016
Frescobaldi Brunello 2016 Castel Giocondo
La Mannella- Cortonesi Brunello 2016. Very Good
iL Poggione Brunello 2016
Solaria Brunello 2016
Cinelli Colombini Brunello 2016 Prime Donne
Tenuta Buon Tempo Brunello 2016
Cava D'Onice Brunello 2016
Musico Brunello 2016
Tenuta San Giorgio Brunello 2016 Ugolforte
Terre nere Brunello 2016
Le Chiuse Brunello 2016
Altesino Brunello 2016
Campogiovanni Brunello 2016
Col di Lamo Brunello 2016 Very interesting and ready to drink
Paradiso di Cacuci Brunello 2016
Castello Tricerchi Brunello 2016

The 56 Brunello choices!
Participants included:

President of the Consortium of the Brunello di Montalcino
Fabrizio Bindocci

Italian Consul General
Silvia Limoncini

Italian Trade Commissioner for the USA
Antonino Laspina

Monsignore Jamie Gigantiello
Eduardo Sorrentino, Director of Communications; Executive Chef and Owner of Il Gattopardo, Vito Gnazzo; Peachy Deegan; Owners of Il Gattopardo Gianfranco Sorrentino and Paula Bollo-Sorrentino

Previously on Whom You Know, Gruppo Italiano was most recently featured:

Gruppo Italiano (GI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering genuine Italian products and the culinary culture through education; promoting a constant flow of information among member restaurants, producers, importers, and distributors of authentic Italian products, with the press, culinary schools, and the general public with a serious passion for authentic Italian food and wine.

Gruppo Italiano (GI) was officially formed in 2017, as an evolution from the original Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani (GRI), a non-profit association founded in 1979 to increase the awareness of authentic Italian cuisine and to promote Italian cuisine’s image through member restaurants, culinary scholarships and events.

Throughout its history, GRI made great strides in enhancing the perception of and passion for Italian food and wine throughout the hospitality industry in the United States, and now, Gruppo Italiano begins a new era in developing a stronger presence of authentic Italian culinary products and services in the United States.

The GI membership body consists of two segments reflective of the Italian restaurant industry itself: Trade/Journalists(influential Italian restaurateurs, distributors, importers, and other prominent business and cultural leaders), and enthusiastic and passionate members of the General Public, and continues to be one of the most respected culinary and cultural organizations in the country!

Managing Partner of Il Gattopardo Group
Originally from Naples, Italy, owner Gianfranco Sorrentino carries over 30 years of experience in restaurant management, some of these include Quisisana Hotel in Capri, Dorchester Hotel in London, Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, Bice Restaurant in New York, Sette MoMA Restaurant at The Museum of Modern Art of New York, Union Bar and Grill in Great Barrington, MA, Mozzarella & Vino, and The Leopard at des Artistes, located in the New York landmark Hotel des Artistes.

Mr. Ernst has spent over four decades in the field of international brand and organizational management: creating, marketing, and producing events. Since 2017, he has been Director of Operations for GRUPPO ITALIANO (GI) assisting in broadening the GI brand in New York City and nationally. He co-produces the highly successful seminar/webinar series, Italian Table Talks, among other GI educational and promotional projects. Prior to 2017, he worked three years with Colangelo & Partners Public Relations as membership coordinator for GRI (predecessor to GI). As an independent consultant in New York City, Mr. Ernst also consults The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and industry of New York (JCCI) and The Leo House Catholic Guesthouse. Mr. Ernst lived in Japan for twenty years (1976-1996), with seven of those years (1988-1996) working for Dentsu, Inc., the largest single advertising agency in the world. He was based in the Dentsu, Inc. Tokyo Headquarters as one of the agency’s first foreign account executives assigned to their highly-touted international service divisions servicing Fortune 500 clients such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, United Airlines, Warner Bros., Japan Unilever, MacDonald’s, and American Express. Mr. Ernst received his BA Degree in Speech Communications and an MA Degree in Education from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. He furthered his professional development with studies at Tokyo’s Sophia University as well as at Harvard University.

Director of Operations at Il Gattopardo Group
Brazilian born and raised, of Italian father from Veneto, PAULA is passionate for art, design, food and Italian culture. With fashion and design background, she had the opportunity of traveling around the world with top designers, as well as worked in one of the most prestigious design firms of New York, Pentagram Design, as Graphic Designer. Graduated from FIT, but with the hospitality industry in her heart, Paula runs all visual and organizational aspects of the company, from back of the house and office operations, to the front of the house, art direction, florals and graphic design – making sure that guests are not only exposed to a wonderful gastronomical event on the table, but to a whole sensorial experience.

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