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Thursday, April 15, 2021

A Peachy's Pick Since 2012 and #Best #Spanish #Restaurant in #Manhattan, El Pote Espanol #ElPote #ElPoteEspanol Since 1977 by New Owners Nicolas Ahuatl and Juan Costa Spring 2021 #WhomYouKnow #PeachysPicks @ManhattanPeachy #PeachyDeegan

Owner Nicholas Ahuatl with the El Pote namesake wine and Paella Marinera
It's not who you know, it's WHOM YOU KNOW and you know that by now!!!
Sadly, the circumstances in Manhattan have made it more challenging than ever for small business owners here, especially restaurant owners.  Peachy's Picks as a column is changing dramatically as many places have closed.  Only the strong have survived this long and it is up to you, readers, to keep them going!
Your first clue for going to El Pote is the fact that we have been going since 2012. 
Your second clue to go there is that it has been around since 1977.
And the third clue, and the third time's a charm, is they have their own wine.  Yes, check out the label.  How many restaurants have their own wine?  Not that many once you leave Manhattan!  And not that many in Manhattan either.  And even fewer now!
So, of course we began with this gorgeous Rioja which you also must sip for success in vino.  If you are an El Pote veteran connoisseur like Peachy, you know that originally Jose (whom we were delighted to see dining here also when we were) and the late great Enrique originated this venue in tribute to their native Spain.  This is authentically Spanish and classy.  
El Pote is the only place anywhere where you can get proper Gambas al Ajillo: shrimp in garlic sauce.  It is excellent.  Seared and seasoned spectacularly, these winners are a total must for your El Pote experience.  Their flavor is sheer genius and even if you think you don't like garlic you will adore them.  Below meet Caracoles: snails in butter sauce for those that are adventurous diners.  
El Pote was last featured last fall:
The soup selection is ridiculously amazing, or EPATANT Poirot would say.  If you said who is Poirot what planet are you living on and join us in Agatha Christie worship.  (Executive Producers and Casting Directors Peachy has an idea where she will play Poirette?!?  The future is Irish female, n'est pas?)  Every soup on the menu is off the charts fantastic and Jose the original chef learned these recipes when he cooked for the entire Spanish navy.  Perhaps next time if we go on a hot day we will opt for gaspacho but today Peachy continues her love of Sopa De Ajo.
The fragrance alone is intoxicating and a sensory experience not to be beat.  Fragrant, exquisite garlic soup is in a class by itself.   Also, you cannot find it anywhere else.  Though there is not a salad selection on the menu, you should know that the Avocado salad is a nutritional delicious balance to everything else you order; it is a beacon of freshness and dressed to the nines lightly.
Under the Carnes section, we opted for a nice spring dish: Pollo Al Ajillo.  Chicken sauteed with lemon and garlic announces simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Peachy the garlic monster delicately devoured it.  There are over a dozen meat entrees to choose from so certainly there is something for everyone.
The crowing achievement however is the Paella.
This trip we decided to have the seafood paella which is formally known as Paella Marinera.  It even has a lobster which absolutely puts it in a class by itself.  If you are also a seafood enthusiast you can equate this dish with heaven where Enrique is now.  The depth of seafood variety and flavor has been perfected over 44 years but of course the seafood itself is super fresh.  Scallops, shrimp, lobster, mussels, and clams all shine in this wondrous splendor.
Paella Marinera Glamour Shots

El Pote continues to Earn Our Highest Recommendation.

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