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Monday, May 10, 2021

#Daylight #IGottheShotNYC #PeachyandtheCity #NHLPeachy #PeachysPetPals #Gordie the #Whale Visits #NurseShannon #ModernaShannon @moderna_tx and the #BlueWhale @AMNH #HartfordWhalers I Got Vaccinated...Under the Whale!

Hello there!  It's me, Gordie the whale.  Of course I am named after the one and only Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, who played for both the New England Whalers and the Hartford Whalers, best teams in hockey history ever.  I am really looking forward to having Manhattan and the rest of the world get back to normal.  So when I heard I had the chance to get my vaccine at the Blue Whale, I couldn't get there fast enough.
The line moved quickly, efficiently and professionally which is what we are looking for.
I really lucked out getting Nurse Shannon for my Moderna vaccine because her dad is a Red Wings fan!!!  Shannon is awesome and you will be thrilled to work with her.  I behaved so I got a museum voucher to come back and visit.  Plus, I am going back for my second shot.
Peachy is wearing a Panthers hat because they are good too.  Joel Quenneville is a Whale when it comes down to it.
Check out that big band-aid!!!
When I was done getting the vaccine I visited one of my heroes President Theodore Roosevelt and saw my relatives of the ocean at the museum.
Also, I brought Peachy.

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