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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

#LaudableLooks #GianfrancoSorrentino in @Gucci #AlessandroMichele at #TheLeopardatDesArtistes @IlGattopardoNYC

Owner of The Leopard at Des Artistes, Gianfranco Sorrentino wears his Gucci sneakers with style!  We say no to athleisure at restaurants but yes to Gucci sneakers!!!  Starting around age six at Luettgens Limited, Peachy Deegan always reached for the bottle of Gucci to spray on before she went in to the hockey game at the Hartford Civic Center so we have been aware of this brand for quite awhile.  Previously on Whom You Know, we met Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Cannot beat clean classy white sneakers and a glass of BRUNELLO!  

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