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Monday, August 9, 2021

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout Superb Summer Selections at @AmmosNewYork #Ammos #Estiatorio by #DimitrisNakos A Peachy's Pick for the Last Decade!

Summer in the City is here and Ammos Estiatorio is hopping, just West of Grand Central Station!  Owner Dimitris Nakos, whom you will be hearing more from soon, is celebrating with the Ammos wine of the month, Kalliston Winery's Assyrtiko from Santorini, a clean, crisp bright white that will take you to the island sunshine if only in a glass.  Recently, Ammos earned the spot for our 26,000th post as we have published on them for the last decade.  They have been in business since 2009.
Meet the Lamb Burger!
Mondays are always in need of a boost and when you Flintstone Slide down your dinosaur tail this evening, you would make your day by swinging by Ammos on your way to Grand Central to check out this brilliantly crafted burger composed of a succulent 60/40 lamb/beef mix.  Teaming up with bacon, a fried egg, onions, lettuce and tomato, it announces happy summer to you with crisp fries and a friendly dollop of tzatziki to give it spectacular Greek pizzazz.  
Another grand choice going on right now at Ammos is the King Shrimp, sourced from Nigeria.
There's nothing small or shrimpy about the size of these sea creatures which are King of the Shrimp, the biggest that exist in the USA.  Seared to a sizzling tenderness that will enlighten your tastebuds and put the word sublime in your cocktail hour, the King Shrimp will tantalize your inner seafood passions and elevate your Ammos experience.
The classic, all-time best seller at Ammos is its Classic Spanakopita!
There's never a need to reimagine perfection, and over the past decade this is a clear winner in sales and client demand.  Guests rave over the succulent spinach and the historic hit solidifies Ammos as a dining destination in midtown.  If you think vegetables are not delicious, clearly you have not had the world-famous Spanakopita of Ammos Estiatorio!
Saganaki is another crowd-pleaser and now it's better than ever!  Reimagined with a fantastic balance of the intrinsic saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the dried figs, the Graviera cheese, a sheep and cow milk blend reaches new heights of healthy with its new baked presentation.  This quintessential Mediterranean delicacy is more fun to eat than ever and enjoying it is a real pleasure.  Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.

52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.922.9999

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