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Thursday, September 9, 2021

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout Smashing September Fare at @AmmosNewYork #Ammos #Estiatorio by #DimitrisNakos A Peachy's Pick for the Last Decade! Featuring #ExecutiveChef #BrunoMarino @USMC

Ammos Surf and Turf!
Double Cut Lamb Chop with King Shrimp
There are two kinds of restaurants in this world.
Those that think that they are the best, and those that actually ARE THE BEST like Ammos Estiatorio.
We have been singing their praises for a decade and what do the best do when the industry has had the toughest year in history do?  They get better.
Meet Executive Chef Bruno Marino of Ammos Estiatorio above, who introduces you to the gorgeous new appetizer, Lamb Plevrakia and even shows you how to pair it with Greek Rose.  Not only is Bruno among the most elite chefs in Manhattan but also he is a MARINE!
And every month now along with Peachy you are going to learn the Greek language at the University of Ammos by Professor Dimitris Nakos of Athens!
Ammos means Sand we learned in August and this month we learn that Estiatorio means white tablecloth high-end elegant restaurant.  No need to go greek in college when  you can go greek on Vanderbilt Avenue!!!
And what is the hottest smashing September fare at Ammos Estiatorio?  Let's take a look.
Lamb Plevrakia is riblet, top of the lamb chops and we can verify that it is completely fall off the bone amazing, melt-in-your mouth victorious.  Carnivores rejoice!  Beautifully presented with color and nutrition to highlight the gorgeous meaty juices, the Lamb Plevrakia is braised in wine and slow cooked for four hours until it literally does melt from the bone.  Do watch the video of Bruno professing his passion for creating this splendor just for you.
It is saying "Eat me!  Eat me!"
If you are new to Whom You Know you should know we NEVER edit pictures or videos either for that matter.  You hit the mark on the first take like in these examples or we do not publish.  We have always had high standards and expect the best and our demanding standards have ensured you will enjoy your dinners for over a dozen years of us publishing on excellent restaurants.
Meet the Katsikisia Salad!  That means Goat Cheese.  It is so delicious you will find it shocking it is a salad and good for you!  Remember for all the geographically daft Americans like Peachy, Ammos is a Greek restaurant specializing in Greek cuisine which means Mediterranean Healthy!!!  Don't hate it because it's beautiful: eat it.  Resting upon fresh greens you will of course meet the Katsikisia (Goat Cheese), caramelized walnuts which are caramelized on premises, dry greek figs, and dried succulent cranberries all waltzing in a aged balsamic vinaigrette.
Surf and Turf is not a new concept in general for fine diners across America and the world, for that matter.  However, the take on Surf and Turk at Ammos is innovative, exciting, new and of course GREEK!!!!
The main course in our Smashing September Fare is the Ammos Surf and Turf: A Double-Cut Lamb Chop from the Rack of Lamb with King Shrimp!  The majestic dynamic duo successfully triumphs over delicious feta, spinach, Greek giant beans, baked tomato, parsley and a celebratory sprig of rosemary.  Why only have surf or turf when you can have surf AND turf!!!
For those that have a sweet tooth, and who doesn't, meet your new best friend, Milopita!
That means Apple Tart!  Crafted on with the best Granny Smith apples, the Milopita was tasted by owner Dimitris Nakos himself in a Greek village research expedition and that experience inspired this creation brought to you in New York!  Phyllo dough, confectionary sugar and plate-glazed greek honey team up for this sweet party.  The apples are joined by halva, a Middle Eastern confection made with tahini, sesame seed paste, spices and honey cumulatively yielding a semi-sweet fluffy texture that puts the firework finish on your Ammos dining experience.
Finally, as Executive Chef Bruno Marino showed you above, the Pink Bang Rose is the wine of the month for September at Ammos Estiatorio and is amazing for pairing!  So not only is Ammos showcasing Smashing September Fare but also they are rejoicing in Smashing September Drink.  Not all Roses are created equally: some are just superior.  The underlying grape here is the Touriga Nacional, native to Portugal and famous for being the basis for Port wine.  The producers took this vine of Touriga and planted it in Greece and reinvented the original sweet grape nature to become a superlative dry wine by drying and thus reinventing the grapes.  The bleeding or saignee method is applied: the must from the Touriga Nacional tank is racked after just two hours of extraction to obtain the pale rose color.  Vinfiication occurs optimally in their stainless steel tanks in controlled  temperatures.  The result is evocative of summer days with notes of strawberry, white peach, candies and fragrant flowers.  It is an elegant full-bodied rose boasting intense aromas that will cap off your summer beautifully.
Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.
52 Vanderbilt Avenue New York, NY 10017 Tel: 212.922.9999

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