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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

#ReadThis #Liberation by #ImogenKealey @GrandCentralPub

Summer may be winding down, but your reading should still be going strong!  How we love history, and Grand Central Publishing has got a new one about an inspiring female hero from World War Two with the release of LIBERATION.

Bien sur mes amies everything French is always fabulous (don't forget about the excitement at FIAF this week!), and though the protagonist herself is Australian, the setting for much of this historical fiction novel is France.  In today's world everyone is inspired by the heroics of Rob O'Neill kililng Bin Laden based on the information discovered by the American Heroine played by Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty - and we hope you all were on Mover and Shaker Rita Cosby's zoom interview today with Rob - but when you turn to yesteryear, you will discover Nancy Wake who was a woman ahead of her time and literally a woman ahead of most of our time as well.

Part of the Underground Resistance, Nancy Wake is the White Mouse and Liberation is her story.  We had not previously been aware of her, but collectively we believe this is a historical figure you should know.  Take a look at Liberation!

A riveting historical thriller set to be adapted into a film starring Anne Hathaway of one of WWII's most fascinating lesser-known figures: secret agent and WWII heroine Nancy Wake, once the Nazi's Most Wanted Person.

To the Allies she was a fearless freedom fighter, special operations super spy, a woman ahead of her time. To the Gestapo she was a ghost, a shadow, the most wanted person in the world. Her name was Nancy Wake.

Nancy Wake is living in Marseilles and recently engaged when France falls to the Nazi blitzkrieg. A fearless woman with an appetite for danger, Nancy quickly finds herself drawn in to the underground Resistance standing up to Nazi rule. Gaining notoriety as the White Mouse, with a 5-million-franc bounty hanging over her head, Wake quickly rises to the top of the Nazi's Most Wanted list--only to find her husband arrested for treasonous activity under suspicion of being the White Mouse himself.

Narrowly escaping to Britain, Wake joins the Special Operations Executive (SOE), parachutes into the Auvergne and soon becomes a woman in charge of a force of seven thousand men. She and her marquisards fight the Germans with any and all means. Their every battle brings the end of the war closer--but also places her captive husband in deeper peril.

Imogen Kealey is the pseudonym of American screenwriter Darby Kealey and British novelist Imogen Robertson, who bonded over their desire to tell Wake's story. Liberation, their first novel as Imogen Kealey and is being adapted into a feature film by Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway.

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