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Thursday, October 7, 2021

#PeachysPicks #TerrificTakeout Outstanding October Edibles Exclusively by @AmmosNewYork #Ammos #Estiatorio by #DimitrisNakos A Peachy's Pick for the Last Decade! Featuring #ExecutiveChef #BrunoMarino @USMC

The quintessential Grilled Calamari of Ammos Estiatorio
Elegance, beauty and spectacular cuisine bloom not only in the spring but also in the fall at Ammos Estiatorio on Vanderbilt Avenue in Midtown!  A Peachy's Pick for over a decade, Ammos remains on the cutting edge of Manhattan's fine dining scene due to the brilliant ideas of entrepreneur Dimitris Nakos and culinary execution of executive chef Bruno Marino!  
As New York is back, the strongest have not only survived but also thrived and not even an epidemic can keep Ammos down!  We recently visited to discover the latest and greatest for October 2021 and could not be more delighted to be the first to tell you what to eat for dinner now at Ammos.
Life is uncertain!  
Eat dessert first!
Peachy Deegan is famous for often ordering apple pie, and she has found a new take on this ultimate classic that is both a homage to Greece and an innovation to your dessert plate with the combination of Milopita paired with bespoke Mastica Ice Cream!
In life, there is the ordinary and then there is the extraordinary.
We write on the latter only.  
Anyone can make apple pie, but only AMMOS makes Milopita!
That means Apple Tart!  Crafted with the best Granny Smith apples, the Milopita was tasted by owner Dimitris Nakos himself in a Greek village research expedition and that experience inspired this creation brought to you in New York!  Phyllo dough, confectionary sugar and plate-glazed greek honey team up for this sweet party.  The apples are joined by halva, a Middle Eastern confection made with tahini, sesame seed paste, spices and honey cumulatively yielding a semi-sweet fluffy texture that puts the firework finish topped off with mint on your Ammos dining experience.
Or in Peachy's case you just start with dessert first.
What really makes this dessert pop however is the Mastica Ice Cream created by Dolce Amore in Lynbrook, Long Island exclusively for Ammos.
You have not lived until you have had Mastica Ice Cream!
Sourced from the Greek island of Chios, Mastica is natural resin droplets known as the tears of Chois.  This exotic crystal flavors this vanilla ice cream heightening your Milopita experience.  The greek word of the month is above in video but as a bonus another greek word of the month for October is Mastica which means to chew in Greek.
If where you are eating dinner does not have their own custom ice cream, you should be asking yourself if you are really living your best life!!!
Milopita glamour shots:
From every angle, the Kolokythokeftedes are spectacularly enticing!
Resting upon beautiful clouds of Tzaziki, the Zucchini Croquettes are a billowing majesty of vegetable goodness teamed up with graviera cheese which gives it body.
Four wondrous spheres smile at you and announce this is the appetizer to order now!  Beautifully presented with bell pepper accents, the Kolokythokeftedes (Zucchini Croquettes) and Tzaziki sauce of greek yogurt, garlic, onions, cucumber and amazingly fresh dill ignite your appetite to get you back in the swing of Manhattan finally being fully open!
The grilled calamari says don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Preferred over crispy, the grilled calamari is testament to the Mediterranean diet being not only healthy but also supremely delicious!  Equally ethereal as the Kolokythokeftedes, the Grilled Calamari is a bastion of seafood mastery crafted exclusively for the discriminating appetites of Vanderbilt Avenue. Commanding as the legendary Commodore (Vanderbilt), this delicacy of the sea is grilled to perfection by Bruno achieving the perfect Goldilocks balance of not too under or overcooked.  As Bruno himself would say (have you seen the videos!): EXQUISITE. 
Note we never edit pictures.
It truly looks exactly like this.
You excel like Ammos or we do not publish.
Happiness in fine dining is achieved when the best cuisine meets the finest wine!
To that end, please meet Rapsani!  
Literally, Rapsani is a village in the mountain Olympus elevated at 2,000 feet.  Dougos Winery is the only winemaker of Rapsani and you should know that this compelling wine is organic.  Robert Parker himself has rated this wine a 93!  Aromatic, it is fruity yet not too tannic and the taste palate is emblazoned with forest fruits, strawberry, blackberry and even exhibits some taste of tomatoes as that was the previous crop planted in this same soil.  Rapsani is crafted in a two-year aging process: the first year it is in French Oak Barrels and the second year it is aged in a bottle.  The blend is an ideal balance of 34% Xinomavro (Acid Black in Greek), 33% Krasato (Wine in Greek) and 33% Stavroto (Cross in Greek....this month you are learning more Greek than ever!)
Divine to Discover is Shrimp Santorini!
Created with five perfect U8 Tiger Shrimp (U8 means eight shrimp per pound for the uninitiated in that terminology), this luminous linguine is awesomely al dente and accentuated with barrel-aged feta cheese from Northern Greece.  What makes it Santorini-Style is that it is cooked in a lovely tomato broth and feta cheese in a pan in addition to the feta on top.  Otherwise known as the "Greek Parmesean," shaved graviera also joins the cheese party on top dominated by the feta and tri-color bell peppers, basil, and cilantro.  
Ammos continues to earn our Highest Recommendation.
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