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Friday, November 26, 2021


Owners Metodija Mihajlov and Miljan Komnenic
One of the best things that can happen on a cold day: The Short Rib Cavatelli, our favorite at The Consulate!
We don't need to tell you it has been a most horrible two years for Manhattan businesses, by far the worst in a century and far worse than 9/11.  And of all of the businesses that have had challenges, the restaurant business has been among the toughest.  Since our inception in 2009, we have consistently applauded the best and brightest INDEPENDENT businesses in the restaurant industry, and once everything fully recovers we will be re-establishing our "Best of (the year)" list.

We happened to do this right before Covid:

Gourmet Brick Oven Pizza 33 was the last to enter the ranks of Peachy's Picks in January 2020.

The Consulate with its French Modern American style is the first to join Peachy's Picks since then.  It was first featured earlier this year in July:
In our history you will see places come and go in the course of business, and only the best are invited back for a second feature, and then they are continually checked dating back to 2010, when we reviewed Neary's, the first Peachy's Pick still in business:
Again, Peachy walked down her virtual yellow brick road, clicked her ruby red slippers and the twins and their team rose to the occasion a second time.
We started with the French Onion Soup.
Friendly reminder: we never edit pictures.
You excel, or you are not published on and we certainly don't return.
This absolutely hits the spot on a cold day, and we hear there's going to be a lot of those.  The gruyere cheese will make your day.  Even you, Clint Eastwood...stay tuned for our accolades on his new documentary by Warner Brothers, our favorite.
From every angle, the Grilled Artichoke is a winner.
We reveled in the simplicity of the Grilled Artichoke, fabulously executed.  The lemon aioli struck the perfect highlight and accompanied it beautifully.  Less is more and in this era of lesser trendy places embracing the outrageous without considering taste, the test of time will prove that venues that execute classic dishes done well will be the winners.
Again, pictures always speak louder than words.  In the great state of Connecticut when Peachy was growing up, all entrees automatically came with a green salad.  That sadly has never been our experience in New York, so we order it in addition to our entree always.  
The salads we tried this visit are the Frisee Salad, above. Frisee, figs and edible floral highlights graced our palate and they put the dressing on the side, as we always like it.
The Caesar was a classic: it boasts romaine, aged parmesan, torn croutons and sardines of course!  Again, they listened and put the dressing on the side for Ms. Pretty Picky.
Vegetables are always a high priority because a balanced meal is key to a long life!  And restaurants that know what they are doing make vegetables both nutritious and delicious!  The grilled broccolini has a sublime crunch and is gorgeously heightened simply with lemon.  Creamed spinach is just what you need to warm up and not only is it delicious and nutritious but also it is gorgeous in its copper presentation.
Listen to the Wild Mushroom Gnocchi say: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Eat me!"  And so we complied!
This is our first foray into this dish and the puffy pillows of Gnocchi were evocative of a soft cloud that you'd see on a perfect day in Central Park.  The light cream sauce is amazingly flavored yet not heavy and overwhelming as lesser competitors can be.  White shaved truffles are going to seriously impress you and if you are out to impress with your ordering, go for this pasta.  Also we hear it is vegetarian if that is your style.
By a mile without a doubt the Short Rib Cavatelli is the best item on the menu at The Consulate.  It is unlike any other pasta we have ever had and it is ideal for a cold day.  It was even delicious on a sweltering day in the summer when we first had it and we imagined if it was done at the same level in this weather it would be even better: we were right.  The braised short rib is simply divine and teamed up with superb cavatelli and ambrosial sheep's ricotta, this entree is like eating a big warm hug.  But better because you don't eat hugs!
A lovely special when we visited was the Seared Fluke Filet.
It is just as bright and delightful "in person" as in the pictures, and if you are looking for a dinner that is on the lighter side, this is it.  It waltzes in cauliflower puree, crispy garlic and preserved lemon.  Sourced from Long Island, the Fluke is perfectly fresh.
Another special never to ignore is the Seared Filet Mignon in Bordeaux Sauce.  This quality cut was executed to a perfect medium rare as we asked and it artfully perches upon mashed potatoes and baby carrots.  The tenderness of the filet mignon is highly laudable and better than some steakhouses.  Another strategy winning restaurants employ is they have depth in their staff and hire talent: we were delighted to see manager Nikola Rebic again, and he knows as much as any owner we've met:
Nikola is a rare example of an employee taking both responsibility and sincere interest in the business that is his vocation.  
All great New York restaurants have a great burger.
We wanted to see how The Consulate did theirs.
The 8 oz. Consulate Burger comes with superlative caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato and is served on a brioche bun.  And technically, it is a CHEESEburger and comes automatically with goat cheese.  Avid readers know that Peachy is not a goat cheese lover or eater so they put mozzarella on it which we would suggest!    The apple tart crafted with granny smith apples and served with vanilla ice cream and mint is the perfect ending to a delightful meal on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Peachy Picks The Consulate!

The Consulate is Highly Recommended by Whom You Know.

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