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Thursday, November 4, 2021

#SALONPEACHY #UpcomingDaylight @WARRENTRICOMI #EDWARDTRICOMI November 15, 2021 Mastercutter Academy Presents the Edward Tricomi Workshop!!! The ultimate experience in luxury hair care.


The Edward Tricomi & Laara Raynier

Workshop Features:
UPON ARRIVAL at this in-person workshop, meet & greet with Edward & Laara
This workshop is unique, combining the experience of two incredible careers
The importance of the art of the consultation, making suggestions about what suites the client which builds massive confidence with your clients
Laara Raynier will demonstrate her famous brand of precision haircutting techniques
Edward Tricomi will demonstrate his world-famous long haircutting, styling & blow drying techniques used during New York Fashion Week
Together Tricomi & Raynier will zero-in on the face shape, bone structure, and of course, the suitability for the client.
IN-PERSON ONLY, live Questions & Answers with Tricomi & Raynier at the end of the Workshop
All demonstrations are on LIVE MODELS
Plus A Special Bonus For In-Person Attendees Only

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