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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Some trade shows come and go but we've attended The New York Gift Fair twice a year every year since August 2009. It has changed throughout the years and now it is called NY Now; our favorite brand there historically has been Lothantique and Peachy is still so sad she did not see them HOWEVER we still work with them and have since that first time we believe and they make our best of list every year and they were in our Best of 2021:
Their "A Quiet Morning" is our favorite product they have and it is better than everything we saw at the show this time because they weren't there. Continuing along the French line [which should surprise no one-remember French is the second language of Whom You Know (see our 13 year press release) thanks to Peachy's strong hockey heritage (See NHL Peachy)...have you bought Andre Lacroix's book yet?] we were also impressed initially with Bonnecaze:
We look forward to working with owner Cary Rene Bonnecaze on a review; he is in both Louisiana and Genissieux, France. Finally, we think every restaurant should have this sign by Bey/Berk:
We hope to see MANY MANY more of you including MANY MANY MORE AMERICAN MANUFACTURED BRANDS and LUXURY in August 2022. New York is back. Get out there!

The site tells us:

The NY NOW Winter Market brings together brands, designers and buyers to connect and discover a world of inspiration every February. The upcoming Winter Market will be held on February 6-9, 2022, Javits Center NYC.

For Brands: To spotlight your product. You’ll have the eyes of a diverse group of seasoned retailers and specialty buyers hunting for standouts for their shops. Whether it’s handmade baskets, hand thrown pottery, modern metal jewelry, baby ware, bath oils and soaps, tabletop, gourmet foods, outdoor accessories for the home. Learn more.

For Retailers: For the thrill of discovery. Always a surprise. Objects that are sparkly, matte, shapely, silky, aromatic. Housewares, gifts, fashion, and gourmet edibles. New on and ahead of trend. Visit with the makers, the people behind the brand. Collaborate on a custom design. Learn more.

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